Dr. John Kim Cook
-Director of the Department of Homeland Security's Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under President George W. Bush

"Brian Gallagher is the consummate security professional with not only a broad knowledge base but an eternal perspective. Whether the topic is emergency preparedness, physical or cyber security, counter-terrorism, infrastructure protection, threat assessments, or securing houses of worship, Brian has developed an unique awareness and understanding of the security challenges facing our faith-based institutions during the 21st Century. He is able to evaluate security threats and tell the truth in an honest yet gentle manner. Brian is armed with strong federal expertise in law enforcement, keen spiritual insights, and impeccable character."

Brad Barker
-President Halo Corporation, Kidnap and Rescue - Discovery Channel

“It is not in question that we have sensitive infrastructures here in the US. Security professionals across the country respectfully debate critical targets and how they might rank in vulnerability in the eyes of those that plan to do us harm. Whether it is a communications or power hub, a government or corporate complex or even a school, these facilities are high on the list.

Brian Gallagher is one of the US Federal Government’s best and brightest on the topic of protecting US assets both here and abroad and he brings the focus of all of his experience to the subject of houses of worship. He is able to bring this very complex vulnerability down to a level where it can be applied by security professionals and private citizens, alike.”

Carl Chinn
- Author, Speaker, Church Security Professional

"Brian Gallagher is a federal security specialist with first a passion and heart for the safety of those attending Christian churches. His continuing experience with his federal government position contributes very well to the professionalism he offers to those who may be trying to develop and / or enhance their church security teams. In addition to great nuggets of information on his website, he is occasionally available for speaking and / or risk assessments."

Dan Dumas
-Senior Vice President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“A part of living in a Genesis three world is the progressive need for heightened security in public venues. Light attracts bugs and Brian Gallagher has set a coarse to provide some world class leadership in this category of ministry. Brian has made it his mission to enhance the light and lessen the bugs and keep us safe from sinful forces—too this end I am grateful.”

Joshua Harris
-Senior Pastor for Covenant Life Church, Best Selling Author

"A friend and member of Covenant Life named Brian Gallagher started a blog called Security At Church to help pastors and churches see the need for church safety and security. Brian knows what he's talking about. He serves on the security team at our church, has led security at the Together for the Gospel [conference] and has worked in the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and Medical Emergency Services for more than a decade. Brian is currently employed in Washington, D.C. with one of the country's leading federal law enforcement agencies."

Paul Medler
-Director of Event Planning and Office Management, Sovereign Grace Ministries

"For a number of years Brian has provided speaker care and various levels of security at our conferences, which range in size from less than 1,000 to over 7,000 attendees. Brian brings a considerable wealth of experience and expertise, yet he skillfully identifies and tailors what is needed for each individual event. He effectively balances the needs of the conference with ensuring that the speakers and VIPs are comfortable with what he does and how he does it. From someone who was initially unconvinced of the need, I have become an enthusiastic proponent of speaker care and security at all of our events."

Matt Schmucker
-Executive Director, Together for the Gospel

"Heading up a conference with over 7,000 attendees and 16 speakers left me, as Executive Director, with overseeing a lot of moving parts. Security was one part I had no expertise or time to properly care for. Fortunately, Brian Gallagher and his team are trustworthy, professional and very good at what they do. I didn't give attention to security because I didn't need to. I trusted Brian with the most precious part of our conference -- our people!