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Why a Website on Church Safety and Security? I decided to start this project due to a long and growing passion for the topic. I have grown up a Christian and have attended church my entire life. Over the years I have had the opportunity to speak with multiple church leaders who have expressed an interest for more information on safety and security. It quickly became clear to me that there were limited resources available for churches to learn how to grown in this area. It was also clear that even more churches had not even considered the topic and did not know that they were in need of the information. Over the last decade reported accounts of crimes against churches have dramatically increased. It is my goal to make churches aware of the crimes that are currently occurring and then to provide helpful information on how the churches can protect their congregations from the same event occurring at their location. I will always strive to present helpful information in the most accurate way possible and provide useful tools to allow churches to do this job better.

Why me? I have worked in the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and Medical Emergency Services my entire adult life. These positions have included jobs with private corporations, as well as, local, state, and federal governments. I am currently employed in Washington, D.C. with one of the country's leading federal law enforcement agencies. I serve on the security team at my local church and have directed security for large national christian conference to include Together For the Gospel, NEXT, and New Attitude. 

Media interviews and speaking engagements are available upon request. Please email Brian@securityatchurch.com for additional information.

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