Monday, June 20

Reminder of the Charleston, S.C. Church Shooting

Posted from WHSV 3 News

This week, one year ago, a shooter gunned down nine people inside a Charleston, S.C. church.

Nine families will never look the same, but neither will churches.

Many of them are forced to face current events and upgrade their security.

The shooting set itself apart from other shootings because it happened in a church which is a place of worship, and a safe haven to many.

To some local pastors, it showed them that such a tragedy can happen anywhere, including right here in the Valley.

Harrisonburg Free Will Baptist Church is in the beginning stages of getting a plan to keep their church safe.

Just this past weekend they went to a seminar to learn more.

"We are going to the very best we can to lead people in the right direction toward the Lord, and do everything we can to keep them safe," said Paul Collins, the Pastor at Harrisonburg Free Will Baptist Church.

Collins said he wants to make sure his congregation is safe, but he also adds he wants to greet troubled individuals with the Lord, not with force.


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