Thursday, April 18

Vigilance in a Time of Terrorism

With the events of this past week we should all remember that we live in a fallen world and because we live in a fallen world sin will continue to make headline across this nation... What happened this week should not surprise us and we should be prepared for similar events to occur again.

American's should take these events as a reminder to be vigilant in our daily activities. Security in this nation tends to resemble a sliding scale. It starts off low…. Something tragic happens like 9/11 and people take interest and see the importance and security ramps up high, then over time the priority of security starts to slip down that scale and become less important. Due to the bombing in Boston and the Ricin letters in Washington, DC people will once again be willing to look at the priority of security.

How does your church facility or religious organization view security?

Is security a word that is taken seriously or just passed around the table during an occasional meeting?

Is your facility willing to invest time and money into the safety and security of those who visits and work in your facility?

Please leave us a comment and let us know how the events of this week have or have not changed the way our organization in viewing security.

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