Monday, April 15

Father of Alleged Rape Victim Questions Church’s Security - Ohio

From: Dayton Daily News

The father of a boy who was allegedly raped inside Fort McKinley United Methodist Church last week said he was angry and worried about the safety of other children.

“Whether it be my child, your child, or anybody else’s child, nobody has a right to do that to them in any way, shape or form,” he said during an interview with News Center 7 Reporter John Bedell. “It’s a struggle for any parent, any day wondering is my child safe. (It) not only happens, but it happens in a church. It’s supposed to be a spiritual place but yet it happens in a spiritual place.” ...

“It does go through my head because I don’t see how it could happen,” the victim’s father said. “How does he manage to slide past everybody with my child? He’s managed to slide past four of the security guards that they have there and disappear off into an upstairs bathroom (when) the classes that my children are supposed to be going to were downstairs."

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SecurityatChurch: This article points out that the perpetrator slipped passed 4 security guards with the child in question. I do not want to make any statements related to the quality or location of the security without any direct knowledge of this situation; however, I do want to point out that just because you have "Security" does not mean that crimes may still not occur! especially with children.

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