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Inspire Spring 2013 - Carl Chinn - Think About It

Inspire Spring 2013
By: Carl Chinn

Most of you know Al Qaeda has resorted to publishing an English language, on-line publication to recruit and train aspiring Jihadists. The fact that it is English speaking and on-line evidences the primary target.

Military operations had taken out American born Samir Khan (one of the key figures of the magazine) in the same operation that killed Anwar al-Awlaki on 9/30/11. While those strategic strikes were no doubt effective, and continue to prove the long arm of American law, the magazine continues. The Spring 2013 (or 1434 as they prefer to call it) has just been released.

These radicals are emboldened by past terrorist attacks, boasting how those attacks were effective by pointing out that;

  • The number of mosques in the US has increased by 74% since 9/11.
  • The national Muslim population in Britain has doubled since 9/11.
  • The attack in Spain on 3/11/04 swayed the election and public opinions to be more favorable (I would say “cowered to”) Islamic opinions and against American influence.

There is a section called “Open Source Jihad” which is (by its own definition in the section subtitle) “A resource for those who loathe the tyrants; includes bomb making techniques, security measures, guerilla tactics, weapons training and all other Jihad related activities.”

The current leading article in that section encourages readers to use a simple match to combat all the “superior technology” of their enemy (that’s us by the way). The article goes on to say how gas can be carried in an apple-juice bottle as a disguise. The article boasts how 1,200 vehicles were torched in France on New Year’s Eve recently. By providing the procedures, they have also provided American security professionals and law enforcement with helpful counter-terror observations.

The procedures applicable to us as security professionals to note are;
  • Carry your bottle(s) of fuel.
  • Find a deserted parked car.
  • Avoid CCTV cameras or areas where people could see you.
  • After finding a suitable place, plan your escape route.
  • Pour the petrol on the vehicle(s), do not forget the tires. You can pour a line away from the vehicle.
  • Leave the bottle(s) to burn so as to not be caught with it (them).
  • Do not touch the vehicle(s), just in case there is an alarm.
  • Use a matchstick to torch the vehicle directly or the line of petrol.
  • Quickly execute your escape plan acting natural so as to avoid suspicion.

Of all the news articles I have read on this today, none have pointed out the most concerning thing I discovered in the article related to those of us in church security. These Jihadist wannabes are cautioned to avoid the vehicles of fellow Muslims. One way to do that (according the article) is to “go to non-Muslim neighborhoods during their ceremonies”. That comment made me sit up, and should you as well.

Think About it:
  • We all know it is a matter of time until the next front-line news story of an international terrorist attack on American soil. A common virus in American churches (even – I am sad to report – in ones with active security operations) is a culture that “it won’t happen here”. Somebody will be wrong about that.
  • By being vigilant for such rare possibilities as terrorism, our eyes and ears teams will observe lesser impact but higher likelihood criminal and mischievous plans.
  • In a section of Inspire written for women by a woman, they are reminded that, “We refuse humiliation and rejection, misery or subservience; and we want to be free from having to bow from the cross-worshipers.” This and many related comments throughout the common dialogue of this and other Inspire articles evidences that the teaching of Christianity is viewed as a direct attack on them, and they are poised and ready to counter attack.
  • Every major metropolitan area, and many isolated small populations have a resident extremist population. Count on it that not far from you right now, are radical extremists who look forward to every new issue of Inspire magazine.

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