Wednesday, February 6

Think About It - Carl Chinn - Heart of Protection

The Sidewalk Presentation
By Carl Chinn

Those with the heart of protection who want their ministry to increase (or continue) security, should always be ready to clearly state why. We may hope for an opportunity to make a presentation justifying the need to the executive board or the senior pastor. To be so prepared is a good, but we should plan as if our only chance for that speech might happen as we get in step with the pastor in the short walk between his car and the church doors.

In smaller churches, an audience with the right people is easier – but even then we should be well prepared to state our passion in a crisp and effective manner.

So the following might be my Sidewalk Presentation. I encourage you to be ready with yours – in your own words and culture – when it is needed.

Pastor I am happy this is my home church. It is my home church largely due to your leadership. As you are called to lead, I am called to serve -- in protection.

Even before Joseph and Mary heeded warnings to physically protect (and even relocate) baby Jesus from harm intended by others[i], God has continually used His people to intentionally protect His people. At any one of those times (and especially with His own Son) He could have just used angels, but He typically prefers to use willing agents of protection. I am honored and humbled that He has moved upon me to be a servant of protection for our fellowship.

It is not my desire to see our property resemble Ft. Knox, our security team to look like Delta Force, or our medical volunteers dressed as surgeons. But I do hope you will allow us to intentionally and actively protect our staff and guests.

I’ve no doubt we both agree there is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.[ii] Will you allow me to be our ministry’s Sheepdog?

Think About it:
  • Not everyone thinks about security the way you do. Your pastor probably doesn’t have this website marked as a favorite, and that is OK. We want him to present the message of your ministry in the way he is called and credentialed to do.
  • Even if you already have a team, and are recognized as a viable effort, there are some who do not agree with security in church. And the day may come when those who once acknowledged the need, no longer feel that way. Always be ready to clearly state your case.
[i] Matthew 2:14-15
[ii] 1 Peter 5:8-9

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