Wednesday, February 20

Milwaukee Church Security Training - Security Forum

From: TMJ4 News

MILWAUKEE - More than 100 people from all walks of faith are expected Wednesday night at the Milwaukee Police Training Academy.

The security forum for religious organizations is the first of its kind around the metro area but it's not their first lesson on security.

"As a Pastor I'm not supposed to worry," said Pastor Terry Fulks," but we are deeply concerned."

Pastor Fulks wants the people who pack his Crosspoint Community Church in Oconomowoc to feel safe and secure

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  1. What wonderful news and I wish I was there to see how this goes and what is shared & learned there.

    I would hope that Pastor Fulks might share this meetings info and ideas with those of us who seek to serve Him and His church and people as he does.

    Thanks to Security At Church for this news info.

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