Tuesday, February 5

Las Vegas Man arrested in Church Sex Abuse Case in Maryland

From: Washington Post - Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A Las Vegas man has been charged in Maryland with molesting multiple boys in the 1980s while assisting with youth ministries at a church targeted in a child sex abuse lawsuit.

Nathaniel Morales, who had been working as a pastor in Nevada, is accused in an indictment of sexually abusing the boys when he worked with Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md. That church until December was associated with Sovereign Grace Ministries, a Kentucky-based evangelical church group accused in a lawsuit in Maryland last fall of covering up allegations of child sex abuse by its members. The lawsuit was amended last month to name Covenant Life Church as among the new defendants.

{Updated 2/6/13} Security at Church: It is sad to say that Covenant Life Church was my local church of almost 30 years. I recently left this church due to relocating to another state. 

These charges date back to the 1980's. I can say from experience that Covenant Life Church has taken many positive steps over the last decade related to improving safety and security of their facilities and church congregants. With that being said we can all learn from the past and continue to improve. 

What saddens me most is that I remember Nate Morales and my involvement with him as a child. (To clarify: I was not involved with sexual abuse by Morales, but it scares me to think that I could have been) Nate attended a bible study group (home group/small group) with my parents. Nate visited my home on a regular bases and interacted with my siblings and my friends. 

I am sharing these thoughts as a warning to all readers that these things can happen to you... In the words of our friend Carl Chinn, "lighting can strike twice"!

When I started this website three years ago, I never thought I would be posting articles related to my own church. I hope this serves as a warning and reminder to be vigilant. 


  1. Brian I am so sorry. I know how hard it hits when it hits us at home.

  2. This is heart-breaking! I knew Nate & his wife and I was shocked! So hard to hear stories of abuse... even more difficult when it's committed by someone you consider a friend

  3. I think the church should be held just as responsible as Nate himself. They knew of these abuses back then, but did nothing except cover it up and ship him off to another church. The church's inaction led to many more boys being abused by Nate. Oh yes, this did not just stop with the 4 boys in Maryland. His disgusting actions continued on, adding more victims to his list that should not have been - MYSELF INCLUDED! MY BROTHER INCLUDED! There are 3 more victims from Oklahoma, 1 victim in Michigan, 2 victims in Nevada and 1 victim in Puerto Rico. EVERY SINGLE CITY HE LIVED IN SINCE LEAVING MARYLAND! The church could have stopped this 30 years ago, but they had their image to upkeep and could not afford the black eye. The church is just as guilty in my eyes....

  4. Thank you for you comment. I agree that this issue should have stopped 30 years ago! I was invited this past weekend to speak at a church security forum in Richmond, VA. During that seminar I spoke to 150 people representing over 100 churches on the importance of involving the police!! I am sorry this happened to you and your brother!! I hope you are involved in the investigation to bring justice to this tragedy.

  5. Is there any recent information concerning the trial of this "man" ?
    I have searched the internet, but most articles returned date to the Feb story, or like here - the trickle down from such a story.

  6. I not aware of any updates, but I will ask around for you!

  7. If that face just doesnt scream rape then I dont know what does lol

  8. News Flash- There are many more Nate Morales victims. The District Attorney has to investigate his days as a minister for the New Testament Church, whose headquarters now is in Newark, New Jersey. Nate Morales was excommunicated from the New Testament Church in the late 1980's. Can anyone guess what he was excommunicated for? Should I make this a multiple choice or fill in the blank? Well the answer is he was excommunicated for child molestation and this has never been investigated. NTC telephone number is 973- 485-1181, the Pastor in charge is Pastor Michael Thomas. The police haven't even scratched the surface with Mr. Morales.

  9. I went to new testament church as a young girl and knew him. He was around the youth all the time,. So how many innocent kids were destroyed by this creep? And they excommunicate without going to authorities?!

    1. we were around him all the time as kids at new testament church in maryland. neve bothered me but i guess he was bothering boys. disgusting the church ignored it!