Sunday, February 17

10 Things Home-Security Firms Won't Tell You

Security at Church: I am in favor and a believer of a security alarm system for both your home, office and place of worship. With that being said, I came across this article today that shows a different perspective and thought it would be fair to pass on. If you go to the link below there is a very details explanation of each of the 10 points.

From: Smart Money

1. A little home security goes a long way.
2. The cops can t hear your alarm.
3. This system is more trouble than it s worth.
4. The local police hate us.
5. We ll try to sell you expensive gadgets you don t really need.
6. Our rent-a-cops are very low-rent.
7. Getting past our alarms is tough unless you have a pair of scissors.
8. We may use unethical sales tactics.
9. You re stuck with us.
10. If you have a pet, we might be less effective.

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