Sunday, January 20

Rock Church Faces Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Not to make things worse; however, it looks like our friends at Rock Church in San Diego are now facing their own allegations... This should be a wake up call to all churches that we need to do more to protest our children and church members!!

From: UT San Diego

SAN DIEGO — A lawsuit has been filed against San Diego Rock Church Academy, alleging that three young girls who attended the school were molested by one of their teachers.

The families of the minors also contend that despite being notified in February 2009 that the teacher had been seen with two students on his lap in a darkened classroom during “movie day,” authorities at the school did not call police or conduct an investigation to determine whether any students had been molested.

The teacher, who taught Spanish, no longer works at the school. His employment was terminated in the spring of 2010 after a parent notified the school principal that her daughter had been molested in class, according to the complaint filed this week.

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