Wednesday, January 23

New Sexual Abuse Claims Against Catholic Cardinal in Los Angeles

From: The Washington Post

{Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, for more than 25 years the savvy shepherd of the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles, retired nearly two years ago to a renovated yellow house behind his childhood parish, pledging to stay in the spotlight by continuing to fight for the rights of immigrants.

But the cardinal now finds himself in a most unwelcome spotlight, one that he sought for years to avoid. Internal church personnel files released this week as part of a civil court case reveal that he and his top adviser knowingly shielded priests accused of child sexual abuse from law enforcement. In one letter, the cardinal ordered a clergyman to stay in New Mexico, where he had been sent for treatment, to avoid the possibility of being reported to the police in California.}

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Security at Church: I came across this article this morning. As I read through the story, my attention was drawn to the fact that the charges against Cardinal Mahony were NOT related to his direct actions in sexual abuse; however, related to the accusation that he shielded priests and their actions from the police.

Unfortunately, I am starting to see a pattern related to this topic. This is a similar complaint to the story we shared regarding The Rock Church in California. It is also similar to some of the allegations against Sovereign Grace Ministries in Louisville, KY (formerly Gaithersburg, MD). This begs the questions “where are we going wrong within our churches”? How can we prevent this from happening in the future?

As I have stated before on this website, my goal is to shed light on events happening in churches across the country and provide my thoughts along with resources on how to protect your local church from similar events happening at your place of worship. I have no intention of highlighting any one specific church, denomination or religion. Whether it is a Catholic Parish, Baptist Church or Non-denominational place of worship we can all learn from the experiences of others.

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