Friday, January 25

First Presbyterian Church - Houston - Votes to leave the Presbyterian Church USA

From: KUHF News

One of the largest Presbyterian churches in the country, located here in Houston, is voting this Sunday on whether or not to enter into a discussion of what its ultimate affiliation should be with its denomination — the Presbyterian Church USA

The long, brick church, First Presbyterian Church, Houston, sits in the heart of the museum district. It's a historic church with around 3,600 members. Senior Pastor Jim Birchfield says one reason the church is considering having a larger conversation is a theological drift between his church's mission and the larger body.

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  1. It's good to see the church stand up to the views and policy of some in leadership who don't seem to be following Scriptures. The church has to be the one that is responsible to lead and guide it's own flock and too many Bishops don't seem to do this.

    Thanks for your post and we are happy to follow and support you in your efforts to serve Him and His church and people in their daily walk here.

  2. Thank you for the support! This article was not directly related to Church Security; however, as you illustrated in your comments I felt that it would still be a good article for our readers.