Saturday, January 26

Counter Terror Forum - Top National Security Resource

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Jennifer Hesterman was one of my original supporters in starting this website. I recall having conversations with her regarding the details in setting up a blog when she decided to start the Counter Terror Forum. Colonel Hesterman has since been recognized as one of the top online resources for Terrorism and National Security information. wanted to take a moment to recognize her for her accomplishments to the security industry!

From: Master of Homeland Security

National Security is a massive business globally, with enormous corporations constructing more powerful war machines and governments spending billions to achieve or maintain military dominance. But the security of any nation depends on so much more than just the number of bombs they can drop or their ability to influence political conflicts on the other side of the world. Advanced software that can keep classified information locked down against malicious hackers is a crucial part of the national security infrastructure now. The Transportation Security Administration employs thousands to keep commercial flight passengers safe, and the populace is ever more vocal about their discontentment with “security” efforts that fail too often and appear to infringe upon individual rights. National security is a gray area, and there are scholars, computer experts, lawyers, politicians, and security offers working to clarify what is necessary, what is legal, and what is inevitable in the struggle to keep citizens safe

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Security at Church: My only issue with this webiste is that has not yet made it on the list...


  1. While governments spend billions for security, too much of which fails to prevent or stop attacks, it's groups like Security at Church and that are free, volunteer efforts to share info on training, needs and help to Plan, train, equip and build Teams to take on attackers or emergencies coming. We support SecurityatChurch

    Share these sites with those you know who need and want help to make their facility safer and more secure for those who attend or visit there.

  2. Thank you for the support and for the efforts you do at! Our main goal has been and will continue to be for Churches to be aware of the topic and need for Church Safety and Security! Most pastors receive a countless amount of training on a number of topics; however, sadly security and physical protection of the flock is not one of those topics studied. It is my goal and the goal of others like you in the industry to change that in America!