Sunday, January 27

Comments on weekly Think About It Post - Calvary Albuquerque Church

I originally included this just as a comment to the last post by Carl Chinn; however, after thought I felt that it would be good for everyone to see…
Wow… I posted an article yesterday regarding this incident (family murder by Nehemiah Griego); however, until I read though Carl Chinn’s weekly “Think About It” series I had no idea the extent that the church played into this event!

The news and mainstream media will concentrate on the family members that were killed by this tragedy. They will focus on the fact that an “assault rifle” was used in this crime. I am not saying that these things are important; however, I do think that his is only part of the story. What the press will not do is focus on the fact that it was the precise actions of the pastor and security director that possibly prevented the deaths of multiple other lives.

We all can lean a lot from the actions that occurred at Calvary Albuquerque Church!

Thank you Carl for this post!

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