Saturday, January 26

Checklist for Security Cameras - CCTV

Are you thinking about installing security cameras at your church facility? If you are not then maybe you should be…
Security access control systems and security cameras can be very confusing to the untrained professional. It is important to understand what you need for your facility to prevent you from purchasing the wrong system for your facility. can assist you will the selection of equipment for your facility. Feel free to email me for more information
Below is a list of questions that should be answered when selecting security cameras. The $499 special from Wal-Mart or Costco may not be appropriate for your facility. Along the same train of thought you may not need to install a military or government spec system at your place of worship. Seek a professional’s advice before you spend money on the wrong system!
Visit to view the answers to these questions.
  • Should I purchase B/W or Color?
  • What basic equipment is necessary to start video surveillance?
  • What if I need more than one camera?
  • Should I use Hidden Cameras?
  • Should I Placing cameras indoors, outdoors or both?
  • What are infrared cameras and are they necessary?
  • What is an ideal angle for a lens to cover?
  • What is the difference between Vari-focal vs. Zoom Lens?
  • Explain Manual Iris vs. Auto Iris?
  • Do I need pinhole lens?
  • CCTV Monitor vs. Standard TV, which should I use?
  • CRT vs. LCD Monitor?
  • What are monitor Input Connectors?
  • Should I use Wireless vs. Wired Transmission?
  • Explain 12VDC vs. 24VAC?
  • Should I use battery operated cameras or hard wired?
  • Should I use motion detection?
  • What is Pan, Tilt, and Zoom control?
  • Should I purchase Time Lapse VCR vs. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)?
  • How does Remote Surveillance over the Network work?
  • What is HD CCTV System?

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