Thursday, January 10

Breaking News: Carl Chinn's Evil Invades Sanctuary Hits Amazon

The book "Evil Invades Sanctuary" by Carl Chinn (author of our regular "Think About It Series") is now available from Amazon.

From Amazon: Many consider the need for security in churches and faith-based organizations, but little gets done until somebody gets hurt. Evil Invades Sanctuary is not a how-to church security book; it is a literary journey confirming the need for security in faith-based organizations. It tells the stories of those involved in deadly force incidents in such a way to help others (both law enforcement and civilian security operators) understand what goes on inside such a scene. Evil has invaded sanctuary, and will do so again.

The book is available for only $12.00

If you are reading this website then you should also be reading this book!! Amazon states that it is "Out of Stock"; however once an order is placed through Amazon, Carl will be notified and will send you a copy of the book directly. Amazon regularly does this with new books to estimate the proper number of stock for their warehouse.

Link to Book on Amazon

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