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Carl Chinn - Think About It - The Thing About Tunnel Vision

The Thing About Tunnel Vision…

You all know we have now had another school shooting in Colorado. An 18-year-old Senior from Arapahoe High School took a shotgun, 3 Molotov cocktails and a machete into his school.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said the kid wanted to shoot many. Even though his anger stemmed from an incident with one specific teacher, beyond his initial vendetta he just wanted to kill a bunch more.

The key comment from Sheriff Robinson was that when the gunman encountered the armed school resource officer, he killed himself. So his planned mass-casualty carnage only had one victim (a girl remaining in critical condition from a head wound) aside from himself. 80 seconds after he entered the school he was dead and the attack was over.

It has now been 6 years since our attack at New Life Church. As soon as our gunman entered our church the first thing he saw was me coming at him with a gun. As he and I took cover positions, our focus was entirely on each other. An excerpt from my book on the subject tells a bit about the tunnel vision of those moments;

It is possible there were others in the hallway in those opening moments, but adrenalin sets tunnel vision on the primary concern. That reaction works for both the attacker and defender. An attacker’s focus (and aim) goes to the armed defender even before shots are exchanged, thus providing one more element of protection for the innocent. [i]

Once our shooter entered the building, the random shots were over. As soon as Jeanne Assam (our armed private citizen security team member) surprised him from his left, he shot himself as she shot at him. He – like so many coward killers – was determined to control his own fate. His only bullet fired in that stage of the attack went into his own head.

The best tool for defending against a killer with a gun is a defender with a gun. A large reason for this is that tunnel vision does work both ways. As soon as a killer sees an armed defender, you can count on it that their tunnel vision has just locked in. Among all other reasons I promote an armed defense, this is key among them.

Think About it:

Ø Training is important for defenders. We have all been trained on the adrenalin aspect, including tunnel vision. These killer kids pick up a gun and envision their attack as if it is a video game, and their gun is the joystick. Their training has come primarily through X-Box. But when they meet an armed and trained defender, their adrenalin hits in a way they were unprepared for.

Ø These coward killers may have been to a range (most have not), and they may be able to shoot targets (most cannot), but they have not been through any tactical training and they have no noble honor in their DNA. They cannot continue in the face of nobility. Our shooter in 2007 had just tried to kill many in a YWAM facility 77 miles to our north. As he began shooting at that YWAM, he clumsily fell out a door which locked behind him and he couldn’t get back in. Do you want to see the actual demonstrated skill level of an active shooter? Click on the video from the Bay School District board meeting shooting in Florida. You will see the shooter miss every target from 8 feet away. You will see him accidently fire off his second round into the floor (finger tightening issue per your training). What you won’t see is the killer shooting himself as soon as he is hit with defensive rounds from trained and prepared school security officer Mike Jones (I will be doing a full TAI on this event soon).

Ø These unstable coward killers can’t handle a confident and capable defender. Train, drill and practice your protection skills. You will not “rise to the occasion” as these killers with a gun think they will – you will “default to your training”. If called into it, answer with the confidence of your capacity and end it. You may even have the help of the attacker in ending it, but end it quickly and decisively.

We can’t prevent them all. Murder was the first violent act in the bible, and will continue as long as there is life. But every attack will end, and we can do our part to end them quickly and thus mitigating their effect – sometimes just as the school resource officer did at Arapahoe High School this week without ever firing a shot.

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Sheepdog Seminar for Churches - Church Security

Denver, Colorado

February 21-22
(Friday and Saturday)

Crossroads Church of Denver
9725 West 50th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033 

Please note: Registrants may attend one or both days. Price remains at $99.00 for one or both days.


8:30 - 4:30 BOTH DAYS

Laran Wilke



Presented by The National Organization of Church Security
and Safety Management, Inc.
Join America’s leading experts in Church Security for the best training available to Security Directors, Church Business Administrator, Church Leaders and Facility Directors. An information-packed Conference, with proven strategies and techniques to improve your church’s security.  
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12—"A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart."






Chuck Chadwick from NOCSSM
COST: $50 per person, lunch included, $75 at the door

   8:30 - 9:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast (Included)
   9:00 - 12:00 p.m. Session One
   12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Lunch (Included)
   1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Session Two

REGISTRATION: Through the NOCSSM Website.  Click on the link below:


For More Information, please contact the National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management Offices at 972-712-8818 or email at

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Resource Recommendation

I received an email today asking for recommendations for a good resource to help define a church security plans.

I thought it would be helpful to provide these two resources.

The first is a book called "Evil Invades Sanctuary" by Carl Chinn

The second resource is a book called "Keeping Your Church Safe" by Ron Aguiar.

I know both authors personally and recommend them as well as their writings. 

Tuesday, November 12

PBS Clip from last week… Decision Sciences

This is the new company that I am working with…

Just Checking In...

Wow… It’s hard to believe that my last post was not since May! I have received a few emails over the last month asking for an update on this website. I wanted you all to know that I am still here. I switched jobs this past summer. After just under 10 years working for the United States Secret Service, I left the federal government and I am now working in the private sector for a company called Decision Sciences International Corporation. (see next posting)

My plan is to get some help for other colleagues in the law enforcement industry to help keep this site going. Its hard to gage; however, much interest there is for the website, until I stop posting and get flooded with emails asking why! Thanks for the support.

Saturday, May 11

Lakewood Church - Fake Osteen Profiles - Internet Security

From: Chron News
Coming on the heels of another hoax in April, Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen are among other ministers reaching to fans on Facebook and Twitter about fake social media accounts being made in their name. Others being targeted include Rick Warren, Benny Hinn and Jamal Bryant.

An elaborate scheme in early April had a fake Osteen claiming to be quitting his ministry citing "lack of faith." Obviously this wasn't true, but it was widespread enough for the Lakewood camp to issue a statement refuting it.

The fake Osteen Facebook pages have been making friend requests, soliciting money, and even offering jobs to would-be victims, who were to send the faux Osteen their banking information. Lakewood and Osteen are asking that people encountering these scam profiles report them to Facebook.

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Security at Church: Does your place of worship consider internet security?

Tuesday, May 7

A Teenage Girl Allegedly Abducted by a Man at Church

From: WFFA News

A teenage girl allegedly abducted by a man police described as an "obsessed" former boyfriend was found safe this afternoon and the man was taken into custody, police said.

Ruby Zavala, 14, and her alleged captor, Jesus Ramirez, 23, were found in an area near Mount Pleasant, Texas, that has been the focus of a search for the last 30 hours, ABC News' Dallas affiliate WFAA reported.

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Wayne Isbell told earlier today that authorities believed Ramirez was upset with his ex-girlfriend, spurring him to kidnap the teen, her mother and her sister said Sunday from Saint Michael's Catholic Church in Mount Pleasant.

Church security is focus of conference at scene of Fort Worth shootings

From: WFAA News

FORT WORTH — Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth will forever be known for a night in 1999 when a gunman interrupted a prayer rally.

Seven people were killed and seven others wounded by a man shouting anti-church rhetoric who then took his own life.

So church officials are happy to host a large seminar this week on preventing violent attacks on worshipers.

"For me, I see a lot of value in this," said Wedgwood employee Jeff Laster, who was taking photos of the conference.

Laster was the first one shot in the 1999 incident. He sees value in about 500 peace officers and church workers sharing security plans and philosophies.

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Monday, May 6

Think About It: By Carl Chinn - Stuff Happens

Think About It Series: By Carl Chinn

Stuff Happens

The week of Sunday, 4/28 through Friday, 5/3 was a revealing, while not abnormal, look at church crimes across the U. S. Had I not been getting on a plane and preparing for the Sheepdog Seminar in Texas, I would have selected an example for Saturday as well.

On Sunday, 4/28/13 -- 24-year-old Lawrence Capener went wild with a knife in the St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Albuquerque, NM. As he rushed the platform where the choir was singing "Take My Hand, Precious Lord", he was going over the pews. As he made it to the stage, he yelled, “Fake preacher!” After stabbing four choir members (who are expected to survive), church members overpowered him and held him down as they waited for law enforcement to arrive.

At 5:30 AM on Monday April 29th -- an alert citizen observed a man climbing a pole beside the Good Shepherd Church in Royal Oak, MI. Police surrounded the church, and with the help of a K-9 unit discovered 45-year old Paul E. Murray hiding in the basement of the church where he was arrested for breaking and entering.

On Tuesday night April 30th -- a surveillance camera captured the face of 25-year-old William Hutto as he broke into the Albany Baptist Church in Albany, GA. It was the 2nd time that church had been burglarized in three days. Hutto has now been charged with three more church burglaries in the same county.

On Wednesday May 1st -- Corinth, TX Pastor Jeffery Dale Williams of The Church of Corinth was arrested for attempted sexual performance on a child. The incident had occurred a month prior, but enough evidence had accumulated during that time for an arrest. If the charges are true, it is one of many despicable examples of abuse by a person of trust. If the charges are a malicious fabrication, it is one of the many ways religious leaders are attacked.

On Thursday May 2nd -- FBI and IRS agents stormed the Swedenborgian Church on the Hill in Beacon Hill, MA saying, “Nobody move, nobody leave.” After several hours the federal agents were seen carrying boxes of evidence out to vehicles. It all appears to have something to do with a church employee and is said to not be connected to the nearby recent Marathon bombing.

On Friday May 3rd -- in Centralia, WA a house on the property of the Church of the Nazarene was intentionally set on fire around 03:30 AM. As firefighters were responding to that blaze, another arson broke out a mile away. Local authorities are asking for the public’s help.

Think About it:

  • From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic and from Canada to Mexico -- stuff happens at churches.
  • In all denominations; Catholic, Protestant and “non-denominational” -- stuff happens at churches.
  • During services and during non-event times – from early morning hours until late at night and on any day of the week -- stuff happens at churches.
  • From deadly force incidents, to lesser crimes -- stuff happens at churches.
  • From intruders, occasional attendees, strangers and pastors themselves -- stuff happens at churches.
  • Whether a one-time spontaneous outburst or another crime in a series -- stuff happens at churches.

Sunday, May 5

Church safety concerns addressed in Richmond - Richmond, VA News

From: WWBT 12 News

The deadly Boston Marathon bombing is the reason everyone is working to step up security, including in places of worship.

Today, dozens of pastors and church leaders joined to learn more about making safety a top priority at a forum hosted by the Richmond Police Department.

The focus was on staying prepared and aware.

Roughly, 150 people from churches all around the Richmond Metro area showed up to see how much they can tighten security...

"People are hearing a lot about stabbings, shootings and bombings. There is a whole host of things people should be considering. We really want people to adopt the mindset of an all-hazards type of approach because there are a lot of things that could occur, " said Captain John Hall.

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Friday, May 3

Place of Worship Safety & Awareness Forum - Richmond, VA

Fort Worth Seminar Focuses on Church Safety

From: Star Telegram

FORT WORTH — Seven-year-old Gina Linam winked at her mother as she sat with a friend on the back pew at First Baptist Church in Daingerfield.

That would be the last gesture between Linam and her mother, Cheryl Hendrick, on the morning of June 22, 1980.

Thirty seconds later, Alvin Lee King III, 45, smashed through the back doors of the church and yelled, “This is war.”

In a hail of gunfire, Linam and four others were shot to death and several were wounded before King was subdued.

Read more here:

Thursday, April 18

Vigilance in a Time of Terrorism

With the events of this past week we should all remember that we live in a fallen world and because we live in a fallen world sin will continue to make headline across this nation... What happened this week should not surprise us and we should be prepared for similar events to occur again.

American's should take these events as a reminder to be vigilant in our daily activities. Security in this nation tends to resemble a sliding scale. It starts off low…. Something tragic happens like 9/11 and people take interest and see the importance and security ramps up high, then over time the priority of security starts to slip down that scale and become less important. Due to the bombing in Boston and the Ricin letters in Washington, DC people will once again be willing to look at the priority of security.

How does your church facility or religious organization view security?

Is security a word that is taken seriously or just passed around the table during an occasional meeting?

Is your facility willing to invest time and money into the safety and security of those who visits and work in your facility?

Please leave us a comment and let us know how the events of this week have or have not changed the way our organization in viewing security.

Monday, April 15

Boston Update

Boston police just reported JFK explosion looks to be related to a fire at the facility... Officials are not saying that it is connected to marathon explosions.

Breaking News Update: Third Explosion at JFK Presidential Library

Breaking News Update: Third Explosion at JFK Presidential Library

Unconfirmed details; however officials report that it was NOT a controlled explosion by the bomb squad. 

Breaking News: 3 Dead - Multiple Explosions - Boston Marathon

From: Fox News

DEVELOPING: At least three people are dead and dozens injured - including up to 10 with amputated limbs - after two explosions rocked the area near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The simultaneous explosions, and reports of at least one other unexploded device found near the scene - raised suspicions that the explosions, just before 3 p.m., could be terrorist attacks. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.

Read more:

Father of Alleged Rape Victim Questions Church’s Security - Ohio

From: Dayton Daily News

The father of a boy who was allegedly raped inside Fort McKinley United Methodist Church last week said he was angry and worried about the safety of other children.

“Whether it be my child, your child, or anybody else’s child, nobody has a right to do that to them in any way, shape or form,” he said during an interview with News Center 7 Reporter John Bedell. “It’s a struggle for any parent, any day wondering is my child safe. (It) not only happens, but it happens in a church. It’s supposed to be a spiritual place but yet it happens in a spiritual place.” ...

“It does go through my head because I don’t see how it could happen,” the victim’s father said. “How does he manage to slide past everybody with my child? He’s managed to slide past four of the security guards that they have there and disappear off into an upstairs bathroom (when) the classes that my children are supposed to be going to were downstairs."

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SecurityatChurch: This article points out that the perpetrator slipped passed 4 security guards with the child in question. I do not want to make any statements related to the quality or location of the security without any direct knowledge of this situation; however, I do want to point out that just because you have "Security" does not mean that crimes may still not occur! especially with children.

Sunday, March 31

Detroit Churches Step Up Security

From: CBS News

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) - Some Detroit churches are stepping up security following crime that’s included break-ins and muggings.

Pastor Roderick Dallas said his church, True Gospel Tabernacle on Ryan Road near 8 Mile Road in northeast Detroit, was forced to step up security efforts after someone stole $15,000 worth of audio equipment.

“It’s a blatant disrespect for the House of God,” Dallas told The Detroit News. “This is a very unchurched, unspiritualed generation.”

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Church Shooting -- Emporia, KS – 1988 - Carl Chinn - Think About It

Church Shooting -- Emporia, KS – 1988
By: Carl Chinn

A few days ago I answered the phone in my office. When the voice on the line said, “Mr. Chinn, my name is Jerry Waddell” -- I stood up. I had heard of Jerry (though I hadn’t learned his name until recently) throughout my years of research on deadly force incidents at faith-based organizations. To be speaking with him was an honor worthy of my full attention.

I have met some of the folks who were involved with this particular incident. This is a small portion of their story from Sunday morning, March 6th, 1988.

18-year-old Beverly DeWeese was sitting towards the back of the Calvary Baptist Church in Emporia, KS. They were all singing when she heard someone come in through the side exterior door behind her. Looking around, she saw a young man standing behind her wearing red ear muffs. It struck her as a bit odd but recognizing his foreign descent, reasoned it must be some Asian culture inconsistent with the mild Spring-like day. Not wanting to stare, she turned back around.

The young man standing there was 29-year-old Cheun-Phon Ji (aka Paul Ji). Ji had convinced himself that a particular girl (G. M.) would have had him as her boyfriend if the church hadn’t come between them in 1984. In truth, the girl wasn’t interested in him and the church had nothing to do with that. But in Ji’s mind, her rejection of him was caused by the church.

The 3 + years he had been gone from the college town (living in California, New York, then back in California) were years in which his anger festered. In 1988 he headed his car back to Kansas with vengeance in mind. It wasn’t ear muffs he was wearing -- it was ear protection for shooting.

Armed with a SIG 9mm, multiple clips in his waste-band, and plenty more rounds in his duffle bag, he entered the back door (being familiar with the church layout and operations). As he began shooting randomly, some thought it was a prank. The sight of splinters shooting like missiles from the pews, the smell of gunpowder, and the sound of screams quickly revealed this was no prank.

Beverly felt a bullet rip through her shoulder, then she and others hit the floor and began scrambling away under the pews as the shooting continued above them.

Further towards the front, and on the other side of the church, Jerry Waddell pushed his wife to the floor, and got down with her. He heard the shooting pause then recognized the sounds of fumbling with the gun. Looking up over the back of the pew, he could see the gunman struggling, trying to replace the spent 15-round clip.

Simply being angry at the rude disruption of their service, Waddell jumped up and began running towards the shooter. Still unable to work the clips, Ji dashed away from Waddell and back out the door. As they ran across the parking lot, Jerry realized he had his hard-cover hymnal in his hand with his finger still held in the page of the song they had been singing (“Peace Like a River” as Jerry recalls -- admitting his memory could be wrong). As they were both running, he launched the hymnal at the escaping gunman striking him in the back of the head.

Probably thinking his pursuer had struck him with a fist, Ji stopped and whirled to face the defender. The distance between them at that moment, combined with the freight train momentum Waddell had worked up resulted in a body slam that sent both men scraping down the driveway and 15 feet out into the street. Rick Grossenbacher and Richard Goza had also sprung to action and were right behind Jerry. The gang of defenders piled on and held the attacker down.

Police officer Mark Senn was just a few blocks away from the church when he got the call. When he came upon the scene, he could see the commotion outside and quickly determined the shooter was at the bottom of the anger pile. The men began to learn that their friend Thomas DeWeese (who had been sitting on the same pew with his daughter Beverly) had been struck through his chest by one of the bullets, and was dying. At this point Senn’s biggest challenge was to keep the defenders from killing the gunman.

When it was over, the 15-rounds fired resulted in the death of Thomas DeWeese. His daughter Beverly and three others were wounded. The gunman was taken away for life in prison. In his duffle bag they discovered a meat cleaver, several short pieces of rope, 2 loaded .44 Magnum revolvers, and boxes of .44 Mag. and 9mm ammunition -- clear intentions of mass carnage. An attack cut short by Divine intervention and the actions of a few good men.

Think About it:
  • The church had no idea the man had any anger at them – a few barely knew him. Yet in his mind he was obsessed with their mistreatment of him. That anger had brewed for years. He had signs in his Apartment in California made of Chinese symbols representing, "Love", "Hate", "Patience", "Anger" (the Chinese “Anger” symbol was interpreted by some in his trial to mean, “revenge”).
  • In a later appeal (May 22nd, 1992 – KS Supreme Court documents), the courts recorded that;

“…Even after he left Emporia in 1984 he believed that the people in Emporia were spying on him. Ji finally decided to travel back to Emporia to punish the members of the Calvary Baptist Church. He also believed if there were truly a Christian God that the bullets would be deflected and nothing would happen to the members of the church. If there were no Christian God, as he believed, the members of the church would be hurt. He believed that the members of the Calvary Baptist Church were criminals and he was morally justified in delivering their punishment. Ji admitted he was well aware of his actions and he realized what the consequences could entail but believed what he was doing was right.”

  • In Ji’s head, the church (and the town itself) was full of "lying white supremacists." In an interview with a local paper in 1990, Ji justified his actions as a “the result of hatred caused by his years of victimization in an oppressive American society.”
  • Threats can come as a surprise from many sources, to any size of a church. Something as innocent as a girl bringing a boy to a few bible studies can be the root of tragedy. Nobody gave it a 2nd thought when G.M would tell folks it didn’t work out and they’d moved on. That scenario happens many times in the lives of our youth. As we know from other studies, an abuser rarely “moves on”. Ji moved away, but he didn’t move on. G.M. wasn’t even at the church when the attacker returned.
  • Ji was an officer in the Taiwanese Army before coming to America in 1983, yet he couldn’t eject and reload a SIG clip under stress. Defenders must operate well under stress, and hope that stress may cause a critical lack of mobility on the part of the attacker (we have seen this repeated many times over). Jerry Waddell took advantage of that stress, setting a model for others to follow. While there is nothing as valuable as a firearm to stop a deadly force attack, there are other things that a true warrior will use as weapons. Waddell showed us that (in the hands of a defender) a Hymnal can be a weapon.
  • In my visit with Jerry he acknowledged the value of the hymnal tactic. He told me however, he would much rather have a gun were he ever in the same scenario again. I love pure simple Kansas logic – makes me proud to be a native Kansan.
  • Jerry Waddell became the first civilian to receive the Gold Award for Valor from the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, (the result of nominations by former Emporia Police Chief Larry Blomenkamp and former Lyon County Sheriff Cliff Hacker).

Easter in Jakarta - Church Security - Police

From: The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Police will deploy about 4,300 officers to guard 1,129 churches, especially those prone to threats of forced closure or attacks, in Greater Jakarta on Sunday when they hold Easter services.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said on Saturday that the officers would come from police forces at all levels in Greater Jakarta, with additional personnel coming from the Jakarta Public
Order Agency.

“Police officers have been maintaining security at all churches in their respective jurisdictions since Thursday until Sunday afternoon,” he told The Jakarta Post.

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Security At Church: On this Easter Sunday's I thought it would be helpful to remember what other nations are struggling with in order to celebrate Easter Sunday in peace!

Friday, March 29

Troubling Times - North Korea

North Korea's Kim aims rockets at DC, LA, Hawaii and Austin

From: Fox News

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s latest threat is his most specific yet – a vow to strike the U.S. mainland, complete with a photo on the state-run media showing Hawaii, Washington, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, as the targets of choice.

Photos believed to have been taken at an “emergency meeting” Friday appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and showed Kim signing an order putting rockets on standby to fire at U.S. targets, the paper said. Behind Kim, a chart titled "U.S. mainland strike plan" can be seen and a map shows missiles arcing into the U.S. locations.

Kim warned Friday he is preparing to "settle accounts with the U.S." after the U.S. deployed B-2 stealth bombers to South Korea to participate in a training exercise Thursday.

Read more:

Metro Church - Safety and Security

From: KARE 11

PRIOR LAKE, Minn. - As Twin Cities churches prepare for Easter services on Sunday, many are making sure their congregations are as safe as possible.

"It is a necessity for churches, even smaller churches to consider all the things that could happen," says Kris Moloney. "My eyes have opened to the issue."

Moloney directs security teams at Friendship Church in Prior Lake and Shakopee, but also consults other local churches on how to keep their buildings and people safe. His organization, Sheepdog Church Security assists places of worship on their protocol, plans, and helps train volunteers.

"In light of Newtown and other events, awareness among churches is skyrocketing," he says. "Churches are desperate for information on starting up teams."

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Tuesday, March 19

Pope Tests His Security Detail by Wading into Crowd

From: Yahoo News

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis gave his security detail a taste of his new papal style on Sunday by stepping outside a Vatican gate to greet a boisterous crowd of well-wishers.

The pope said Sunday morning Mass in the small church of Santa Anna, just a few feet inside the gate of the same name, for Vatican workers who frequent it as their parish.

He arrived in a black car, again shunning the papal limousine, and immediately went over to hundreds of people who had gathered at the gate to get a glimpse of him.

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Sunday, March 3

Inspire Spring 2013 - Carl Chinn - Think About It

Inspire Spring 2013
By: Carl Chinn

Most of you know Al Qaeda has resorted to publishing an English language, on-line publication to recruit and train aspiring Jihadists. The fact that it is English speaking and on-line evidences the primary target.

Military operations had taken out American born Samir Khan (one of the key figures of the magazine) in the same operation that killed Anwar al-Awlaki on 9/30/11. While those strategic strikes were no doubt effective, and continue to prove the long arm of American law, the magazine continues. The Spring 2013 (or 1434 as they prefer to call it) has just been released.

These radicals are emboldened by past terrorist attacks, boasting how those attacks were effective by pointing out that;

  • The number of mosques in the US has increased by 74% since 9/11.
  • The national Muslim population in Britain has doubled since 9/11.
  • The attack in Spain on 3/11/04 swayed the election and public opinions to be more favorable (I would say “cowered to”) Islamic opinions and against American influence.

There is a section called “Open Source Jihad” which is (by its own definition in the section subtitle) “A resource for those who loathe the tyrants; includes bomb making techniques, security measures, guerilla tactics, weapons training and all other Jihad related activities.”

The current leading article in that section encourages readers to use a simple match to combat all the “superior technology” of their enemy (that’s us by the way). The article goes on to say how gas can be carried in an apple-juice bottle as a disguise. The article boasts how 1,200 vehicles were torched in France on New Year’s Eve recently. By providing the procedures, they have also provided American security professionals and law enforcement with helpful counter-terror observations.

The procedures applicable to us as security professionals to note are;
  • Carry your bottle(s) of fuel.
  • Find a deserted parked car.
  • Avoid CCTV cameras or areas where people could see you.
  • After finding a suitable place, plan your escape route.
  • Pour the petrol on the vehicle(s), do not forget the tires. You can pour a line away from the vehicle.
  • Leave the bottle(s) to burn so as to not be caught with it (them).
  • Do not touch the vehicle(s), just in case there is an alarm.
  • Use a matchstick to torch the vehicle directly or the line of petrol.
  • Quickly execute your escape plan acting natural so as to avoid suspicion.

Of all the news articles I have read on this today, none have pointed out the most concerning thing I discovered in the article related to those of us in church security. These Jihadist wannabes are cautioned to avoid the vehicles of fellow Muslims. One way to do that (according the article) is to “go to non-Muslim neighborhoods during their ceremonies”. That comment made me sit up, and should you as well.

Think About it:
  • We all know it is a matter of time until the next front-line news story of an international terrorist attack on American soil. A common virus in American churches (even – I am sad to report – in ones with active security operations) is a culture that “it won’t happen here”. Somebody will be wrong about that.
  • By being vigilant for such rare possibilities as terrorism, our eyes and ears teams will observe lesser impact but higher likelihood criminal and mischievous plans.
  • In a section of Inspire written for women by a woman, they are reminded that, “We refuse humiliation and rejection, misery or subservience; and we want to be free from having to bow from the cross-worshipers.” This and many related comments throughout the common dialogue of this and other Inspire articles evidences that the teaching of Christianity is viewed as a direct attack on them, and they are poised and ready to counter attack.
  • Every major metropolitan area, and many isolated small populations have a resident extremist population. Count on it that not far from you right now, are radical extremists who look forward to every new issue of Inspire magazine.

Wednesday, February 27

Special Background Check Package Pricing

Security Expert Says Churches can be Susceptible to Crime

From: 9 WSOCTV News

Every weekend, thousands of people gather at houses of worship across the Charlotte area. They are places many go to find peace. But security experts say that doesn't mean criminals leave churches and temples alone.

"They view churches and other ministries as an easy target," said Carl Chinn, a church security expert and author.

Chinn said that as security at places like schools, malls and airports increases, criminals will look for easy access somewhere else, and that a house of worship by nature welcomes people in.

"It's a sacred place, but it needs to be a safe place," said Reverend Jim Martin, the church business administrator at Providence Baptist Church.

- See more at:

Houses of worship not as secure as they should be | Security Director News

From: Security Director News

LOS ANGELES—The Shepherd of the Hills Church here has 10,000 members and four campuses. Almost weekly there is some sort of security incident, said Tim Winters, executive pastor of the non-denominational church...

Churches are soft targets for crime, "no longer the sacred places" they were considered to be a few decades ago, he said. Now that churches have flat-screen TVs, sound equipment, computers and other valuable assets, they're ripe for both internal and external thefts.

"There are tens of thousands of burglaries each year," Hawkins said. "Property crime is most common, but the most costly crime to churches is internal theft."

Read More:

First Baptist Church - Security Theft

From: Danville News

A Danville man will face charges of stealing security system equipment from a Valley Township church.

Following a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Montour County District Judge Marvin Shrawder sent the case of Scott Nicholas Buckley, 29, of 207 Grand St., to court. Buckley remains in jail.

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Wednesday, February 20

Shooting Prompts Security Reviews - Episcopal Schools

From: Episcopal News Service

In the two months following the shooting death of 26 people, including 20 children, at a Connecticut elementary school, Episcopal schools have been examining and revising their security measures to keep students safe.

“In general, the reaction has been … a review of safety procedures,” said Ann Mellow, National Association of Episcopal Schools associate director. “In some cases, depending upon the school, they haven’t changed anything because they feel very confident that they are doing the best they can to reasonably react to situations, knowing you can’t be prepared for everything all the time.

“Other schools may have still had a relatively open campus and have added things. And I think certainly everybody’s got lockdown procedures,” Mellow said. “If they hadn’t already, they’ve added that to their many different kinds of drills that people do these days.”

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The Episcopal Day School of Jacksonville in Florida is building a memorial plaza in honor of slain Principal Dale Regan. The plaza will protect the root structure of a 100-year-old oak on the school property that was a favorite of the educator, who worked at the school for 34 years. Photo/ Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Milwaukee Church Security Training - Security Forum

From: TMJ4 News

MILWAUKEE - More than 100 people from all walks of faith are expected Wednesday night at the Milwaukee Police Training Academy.

The security forum for religious organizations is the first of its kind around the metro area but it's not their first lesson on security.

"As a Pastor I'm not supposed to worry," said Pastor Terry Fulks," but we are deeply concerned."

Pastor Fulks wants the people who pack his Crosspoint Community Church in Oconomowoc to feel safe and secure

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Tuesday, February 19

The Right to Carry in the House of God

The Right to Carry in the House of God
By: Guest Blogger 

Lots of people in this country have guns. Most of the time, people have them in their homes because they either don’t have access to security providers like or they are supplementing their current home security with the presence of a firearm.

Makes sense to a lot of people, but what about outside the home? Should you be allowed to carry a gun in the mall, at the store, or even in church?

Some people will argue that, as long as you qualify, you have all the freedom in the world to exercise your second amendment rights. Others will argue against it and question why you would ever want to bring such a deadly weapon into the church.

Both are valid views but, in the end, the question still remains. To answer the question, we must explore the issue in greater detail by looking at where both camps are coming from in the argument.

The Sandy Hook tragedy came less than six months after another tragic and senseless act of violence in Aurora, Colorado. Both incidents had three things in common. They both involved individuals with questionable mental states, both involved high-powered guns and both happened in unexpected places where large groups of people gather.

Ever since this string of gun-related attacks, we have been impacted in various ways. Children are afraid to go to school, parents of victims cry out for change and some people avoid gatherings altogether, now, fearing that a job, university campus, restaurant or, yes, even church could be the next news headline.

All the while our nation divides itself between those that are for stricter gun regulation and those that are not.

Those that argue for strict gun regulation want many things including the ban of sales of high-capacity magazines, no sales on military-grade assault rifles and more in-depth background checks. They believe that by removing the gun from the equation, you ultimately remove the problem of murder and violence on such a large scale.

Those that are against strict gun regulation believe that the individuals are to blame since guns, while deadly, are, as objects, inert until placed in the hands of those who would do harm. They believe that removing a law-abiding citizen’s ability to purchase military-grade weaponry effectively prevents them from defending themselves against the “real bad guys.”

So what do these tragedies, their impacts on our lives and the spawning of these two vastly opposed views mean for the church-goer who wants to carry?

It means that you or anyone else planning to exercise your second amendment rights in the House of God need to be aware of a couple of things. First and foremost, if you have the right and your state allows you to carry a concealed firearm and you are licensed, then technically you are not doing anything illegal. That, however, does not mean you go around showing your friends or making a scene about it.

You should also seriously evaluate your reasons for carrying in church. Some people might want to do it because they fear their gathering could be the next victim. After all, who could have imagined someone would open fire on a bunch of students or a group of moviegoers? You might think that it’s a precautionary measure to protect yourself from any “gun-wielding madmen” that decide to pay your congregation a visit.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility but it’s important to remember that while a gun could help you defend yourself, it could also escalate the violence and the tragedy. In the end, it’s really up to the individual and the laws that govern the state where he or she worships.

And just remember that while a gun on its own is inert, that changes the minute ANYONE picks it up. Even if you’re a law-abiding citizen, bringing a gun to church for defensive reasons or otherwise instantly raises the risk of incident.

Sunday, February 17

10 Things Home-Security Firms Won't Tell You

Security at Church: I am in favor and a believer of a security alarm system for both your home, office and place of worship. With that being said, I came across this article today that shows a different perspective and thought it would be fair to pass on. If you go to the link below there is a very details explanation of each of the 10 points.

From: Smart Money

1. A little home security goes a long way.
2. The cops can t hear your alarm.
3. This system is more trouble than it s worth.
4. The local police hate us.
5. We ll try to sell you expensive gadgets you don t really need.
6. Our rent-a-cops are very low-rent.
7. Getting past our alarms is tough unless you have a pair of scissors.
8. We may use unethical sales tactics.
9. You re stuck with us.
10. If you have a pet, we might be less effective.

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Will Your House Be Broken Into This Year?

What are the odds that your home will be broken into this year?

Unfortunately, according to burglary statistics within the United States, one in every thirty-six homes will be burglarized in this year alone, resulting in an average loss of $1,675 per break-in.

Statistic from:

Sunday morning fire destroys Church in Collins Georgia

From: Miami Herald

COLLINS, Ga. -- State fire investigators with the office of Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens' office are looking into an early morning church fire in Tattnall County.

Investigators said in a news release that Collins Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Collins was destroyed by the fire. The blaze was reported at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, fire investigators said.

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Pope Benedict Remaining In Vatican For Security

From: The Inquisitr

Pope Benedict’s decision to live out the rest of his life inside the protected walls of the Vatican is a calculated maneuver to avoid prosecution and stay safe.

Church experts tell Reuters that by remaining inside the walls of the Vatican the church will provide Benedict with the same rights he received as the head of the church.

Photo Credit: The Inquisitr

Saturday, February 16

Two-Way Radio Coupon Code - Save 5% on Order

Are you looking to purchase two-way radio's for your church?

Two-way radio's can be extremely helpful and save time for:

  • Security Teams
  • Parking Crew
  • Facilities
  • Production
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Politico Playbook - Breaking - Conclave Electing New Pope

From: Mike Allen's Politico Playbook

BREAKING: “Conclave electing new pope could start before March 15 – Vatican,” by Reuters’ Philip Pullella in Vatican City: “The conclave to choose Pope Benedict's successor could start earlier than expected, giving the Roman Catholic Church a new leader by mid-March, the Vatican said … [T]he Vatican was still in a state of spiritual and bureaucratic shock, groping for ways to deal with a situation without precedent for at least six centuries. Some 117 cardinals under the age of 80 will be eligible to enter the secretive conclave to elect Benedict's successor. Church rules say the conclave has to start between 15-20 days after the papacy becomes vacant, which it will on Feb. 28. … Cardinals around the world have already begun informal consultations by phone and email to construct a profile of the man they think would be best suited to lead the Church in a period of continuing crisis. The Vatican appears to be aiming to have a new pope elected and then formally installed … before Palm Sunday on March 24 so he can preside at Holy Week services …

Friday, February 15

Police Officer Leaves Gun in Church by Mistake

From: Associated Press

A law enforcement officer visiting a church in Lebanon got sick in the bathroom, put his gun on a shelf and didn't retrieve it.

The Rev. Frank Moloney of First Christian Church tells the Albany Democrat-Herald church members found the handgun the next morning, Sunday.

For a time, Moloney says, they believed it belonged to a homeless man who slept in the parking lot and had used the bathroom Sunday morning.

But during the Sunday service, church leaders spoke about finding a "very expensive item," and the deputy claimed the handgun.

Monday, February 11

Pope Benedict XVI's Shocking Resignation - Vatican

From: The Guardian
Pope Benedict XVI stunned the Roman Catholic church on Monday as he announced his intention to carry out the first papal resignation in almost 600 years, prompting shock from even his closest confidants and acerbic judgment from critics of his eight year-long reign.

In an address read out in Latin before a group of cardinals in the Apostolic Palace, the 85-year-old pontiff said he had decided that, due to his "advanced age" and deteriorating strengths, he would be stepping down as head of the Catholic church on 28 February.

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Sunday, February 10

Churches - Fight the Flu - Don't Shake Hands

From: WCSH6 News

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (WJAR) -- The flu epidemic has changed the way some churches are performing services.

At St. Sebastian Church in Providence, Rhode Island a few things are different here for Sunday mass.

"To refrain from shaking hands during rite of peace, I invited them to just turn and verbally exchange a greeting," says Monsignor John Darcy.

Texas Church to Host Concealed Handgun Training Class

From: Fox News

A Baptist church in the Texas Panhandle plans to host concealed handgun training, saying it's offering the class as a community service because there is so much interest in the area.

People wanting to get a concealed handgun license in Texas must take the class. The Rev. Brad Foster of Calvary Baptist Church in Dumas told the Amarillo Globe-News for a story in Saturday's editions that a state-certified instructor will teach the first 10-hour class in the fellowship hall March 2. It covers how to safely handle firearms.

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Photo Credit: Luke's Rants

Should Guns Be Allowed In Church?

From: Baptist Press

As gun control takes high priority on Capitol Hill, state legislatures increasingly are allowing concealed guns in our most sacred place, the church, either for personal protection or for worshippers designated as church security personnel.

Arkansas, on Feb. 4, became the eighth state to pass legislation allowing concealed guns specifically in churches. In a lopsided bipartisan vote, state legislators voted to allow each church to decide whether individuals with concealed carry permits could take guns in church for personal protection.

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Wednesday, February 6

Update - Covenant Life Church Response to Nathaniel Morales

From: Covenant Life Church Blog

On Monday news reports were widely circulated about a Nevada man, Nathaniel Morales, who has been charged in Maryland with molesting boys during the 1980s. The reports contain allegations that this abuse occurred when Mr. Morales was a teacher, erroneously implying that he was a teacher at Covenant Life School. The reports fail to state that Mr. Morales, though a church member at the time, was never a pastor in Covenant Life Church nor a teacher in Covenant Life School. Rather Mr. Morales was a teacher employed by an independent private school in Montgomery County not affiliated with Covenant Life Church or School.

Contrary to the impression left by the news reports, Covenant Life Church had no knowledge of such abuse until many years after the abuse when an adult who had been victimized as a child came forward.

The criminal matter described in these news reports is distinct from the civil lawsuit filed last October against Sovereign Grace Ministries, that was amended in January of this year to add Covenant Life Church as a defendant. The church will respond appropriately to the allegations in that pending lawsuit through the legal system.

Our church places a high priority on protecting children, and has had robust child protection practices and policies in place for many years. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with anyone affected by the trauma of sexual abuse. We pray that they will receive the healing, comfort and peace of Christ. And we continue to invite your prayers for all those involved in these matters.

Security at Church: I am glad that Covenant Life Church clarified this point. I spent many years as a student at Covenant Life School and Nate Morales was never a teacher or employed by the church or the best of my knowledge. With that being said at the time Covenant Life School did not have a High School and many students transitioned from their lower school to Montgomery County Christian Academy (MCCA) where Nate Morales was employed. 

Think About It - Carl Chinn - Heart of Protection

The Sidewalk Presentation
By Carl Chinn

Those with the heart of protection who want their ministry to increase (or continue) security, should always be ready to clearly state why. We may hope for an opportunity to make a presentation justifying the need to the executive board or the senior pastor. To be so prepared is a good, but we should plan as if our only chance for that speech might happen as we get in step with the pastor in the short walk between his car and the church doors.

In smaller churches, an audience with the right people is easier – but even then we should be well prepared to state our passion in a crisp and effective manner.

So the following might be my Sidewalk Presentation. I encourage you to be ready with yours – in your own words and culture – when it is needed.

Pastor I am happy this is my home church. It is my home church largely due to your leadership. As you are called to lead, I am called to serve -- in protection.

Even before Joseph and Mary heeded warnings to physically protect (and even relocate) baby Jesus from harm intended by others[i], God has continually used His people to intentionally protect His people. At any one of those times (and especially with His own Son) He could have just used angels, but He typically prefers to use willing agents of protection. I am honored and humbled that He has moved upon me to be a servant of protection for our fellowship.

It is not my desire to see our property resemble Ft. Knox, our security team to look like Delta Force, or our medical volunteers dressed as surgeons. But I do hope you will allow us to intentionally and actively protect our staff and guests.

I’ve no doubt we both agree there is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.[ii] Will you allow me to be our ministry’s Sheepdog?

Think About it:
  • Not everyone thinks about security the way you do. Your pastor probably doesn’t have this website marked as a favorite, and that is OK. We want him to present the message of your ministry in the way he is called and credentialed to do.
  • Even if you already have a team, and are recognized as a viable effort, there are some who do not agree with security in church. And the day may come when those who once acknowledged the need, no longer feel that way. Always be ready to clearly state your case.
[i] Matthew 2:14-15
[ii] 1 Peter 5:8-9

Managing Your Church - Interview with Carl Chinn

From: Christianity Today

2012: “A Bad Year for Violence” at Churches

Last month, church security expert Carl Chinn updated his statistics on violent incidents at churches and faith-based organizations. He began tracking this information in 1999 by learning of incidents reported by news agencies, which he then independently researches and verifies before categorizing and tabulating them. The result of this work is 14 years of data churches can use to analyze the risk of violence for their congregation.

Tuesday, February 5

Security Camera's help Catch Church Burglars - Texas

From: Our Town Texas

Michael Lopez Garcia and Robert Zenhye III have been charged with burglary of a building in connection with a break-in on Jan. 9 at the Rivers of Living Waters Church on North 8th Street in Killeen.

About $40,000 worth of audio equipment was taken and windows were damaged.

Security cameras that were set up inside the studio recorded images of the thieves.

Audio Equipment Stolen from a Detroit Church

From: Fox News Detroit

$15,000 worth of audio equipment was stolen from a Detroit church.

The robbery happened in the middle of the night at True Gospel Tabernacle Church, and Pastor Roderick Dallas believes the thieves have been inside the church before.

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Fox 2 News Headlines

Church Members Stops Theft in Progress

From: The Daily Item

DANVILLE — An alert church member discovered a Danville man carrying a security control panel box out of a rear office of the First Baptist Church of Danville.

Deneene R. Klinger approached Scott Nicholas Buckley, 29, of 207 Grand St., and stopped him, according to state police at Milton.

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Vatican Thanks Media for Uncovering Church Abuse

From: Reuters

The Vatican's new sexual crimes prosecutor on Tuesday acknowledged that the U.S. media "did a service" to the Catholic Church through its aggressive reporting on child abuse that helped the Church "confront the truth".

The rare acknowledgement came from Father Robert Oliver, a canon lawyer from the U.S. diocese of Boston, speaking at his first public appearance since becoming the Vatican's "Promoter of Justice" last week.

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