Tuesday, September 4

What's the Purpose?

Every once in a while I feel that it is important for me to express to my readers “why” I take the time to work on this website. In 2009 I began researching the topic of Church Safety and Security due to a passion I have for the subject. It was quickly evident that there were not a lot of resources available to readers on the topic. I decided that I would start a blog to bring awareness to the topic for church leaders and congregational members. By God’s grace, over the last several years this project has drastically grown.

Since this time I have been studying at both the American Military University and Penn State and have chosen to use this website and topic as the basis of much of my study. My main objective or goal has been to “provide a tool that brings awareness of current church security related events, while offering recommendations of resources for church use”.

This goal helps to fulfill the two greatest challenges that I see related to church security. First, I continually hear that “there is not a need for church security”. By posting recent events related to safety and security at churches, it is my hope that readers can see that there is a need for church security and that these events can and may occur at their local facility. It provides a research tool for churches to find information that they can use to present to their leadership when trying to explain why a specific item should be of concern. The second challenge that I have found is that churches don’t know where to go for help. Over the years I have had many vendors approach me about advertizing or selling their products. I have turned many of them away; however, there are several products that I feel can be of great value to you and you’re church. Some of these include background check services, two-way radio communications, and a new company that provides a computer based panic button system.

Future Plan: My current plan is to continue on the path that I have started. I want to try to grow the readership of this website so more churches can benefit from this information and resources. Over the next year I hope to convert securityatchurch.com into an official non-profit. Unfortunately this takes time and money so it is taking a little longer then I have anticipated.

In conclusion, if you are reading this then you too see a need for church security. Thank you for taking the time to support this website!

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