Friday, September 7

Visiting Church Websites ‘More Risky’ than Going to Porn Sites

Note: I was note sure if I wanted to post this article in fear of someone taking it the wrong way. After thinking about it, I felt that the point of the article overcame the risk! This article is NOT saying that pornographic websites are good; however, it is using them to compare how religious websites are in risk. Please take the time and invest the money to protect your website from Internet crime! This report comes from Norton, which is the leading provider of Virus and Internet Security.
From: The Financial Express

According to Norton chief cyber security advisor, Adam Palmer, pornography sites were generally free of viruses, because their operators wanted users to return and keep spending money.

Instead, the sites most likely to carry viruses and malware were pirating or illegal file share websites, and religious websites.

Going to church websites is more risky than going to pornography websites,” the Age quoted Palmer, as saying.

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