Monday, September 10

Ushers Stop Purse-Snatching in Pittsburgh Church

From: Fox News

PITTSBURGH – A man who claims to be a heroin addict has been jailed on charges he snatched a woman's purse while she was taking communion during Mass at a Pittsburgh church.

Pittsburgh police say parishioners, including the off-duty chief of the Port Authority of Allegheny County police, tackled 31-year-old Eric Csurilla on Sunday morning and held him until officers arrived.

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My Thoughts: Although short, this is a great article! Ushers & greeters are often your first line of defense in a church setting. Many churches do not have the ability to have a trained security team; however, by providing a little extra training to the ushers and greeters you are one step in the right direction. Larger churches that do have security teams should still incorporate their ushers and greeters into their overall plan. 

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