Monday, September 10

Introducing ePainic Button

About two months ago I received an email from a company called ePanic Button. This is a new business (less then 2 years) that has developed a computer based epanic button system. In the past I have talked about the importance of having a panic button in your facility. The problem for many churches has been the cost of installing a hard wired system into their facility. ePanic button provides a solution that that dilemma. now has a distributorship agreement with ePanic Button and we are able to help get this product into your facility!

Why should you have a panic button?

Most facilities have receptionists that serves as the front line of defense when a customer or member enters your facility. Many times this receptionist is alone and out of the sight of others. By providing a panic alarm you allow that receptionist to have the ability to receive instant help in the event of emergency. A standard panic button is normally installed under a desk. A power source and wires then has to be installed and run to the location of the alarm. Sometimes this can be extremely costly, especially if it is integrated into your existing alarm system.

ePanic allows you to simply install a program on your computer and it is instantly connected to any other computer that is running the same program. You can even install a panic foot pedal via a USB port! ePainic allows you to customize hot-key alarms on your keypad and provide multiple messages based on different scenarios. 

Scenario #1: Your receptionist is sitting at the front desk and a member of your church enters the building. The member is evidently upset for an unknown reason. The receptionist tries to calm down the individual; however, the situation only escalates. The receptionist could simply press a "hot-key" on her computer that blasts a message out to all staff members requesting assistance at the front desk due to a irate individual. 

Scenario #2: A pastor is in his office providing council to a member of the church. The door is closed and the person begins to get upset. The pastor feels that the situation is escalating and that it would be helpful to have another person in the room with them. The pastor can have a "hot-key" with a preprogramed message that blasts out only to other pastors asking for assistance in his office. 

Scenario #3: A unknown person walks into your facility. The person presents a weapon and demands money from. He states that he knows his wife has been giving to the church behind his back and that he wants all the cash from their recent offering. The person at the front desk is able to tap the foot pedal which sends a pre-programmed message that says "call 911 immediately"! You happen to see the message and contact the police. You are able to respond to the message and so the receptionist knows that help is on the way. 

These are just a few example that I came up with while sitting at the airport typing this post. The are countless ways to use this program for your benefit! 

I will be providing more information this week on the ePanic system. If you are interested in more information send me an email at and I will send you some information over email. Free trials and demo's are also available via request.

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