Monday, July 30

Theater Massacre Shatters Sense of Security

From: USA Today

Shortly before she died in a darkened Colorado movie theater at the hand of a merciless gunman, Jessica Redfield witnessed the aftermath of another mass shooting in Toronto that left two dead.

The odds that a 24-year-old woman's life of promise would be scarred by one tragedy and taken a few days later in another are incalculable. But the haunting question she posted on her blog after the Toronto shooting — "Is this the world we live in?" — is unavoidable.

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Quote from Carl Chinn (from article)

"There has been a slip in moral values that once held certain areas as somewhat sacred," said Carl Chinn, a security expert who since 1999 has documented 562 violent attacks on houses of worship, including one that killed two at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs where Chinn helps with security operations.

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