Saturday, July 28

God, Guns and the Church: The Darkest Valley

From: Huffington Post - Religion

This reflection on Psalm 23 and gun violence in the United States was delivered at both N. Portland's University Park Church and SE Portland's Sunnyside Church by the Rev. Chuck Currie on July 22.

Our schools and churches and movie theaters are places we should expect to be safe. In these places we worship, we learn and we are entertained. But in recent years all these places -- along with shopping malls and restaurants and public parks -- have in moments of terror become killing fields as people with often-great mental instability who have access to weapons meant for battlefields open fire on innocent crowds causing mass deaths.

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  1. This is a horrible sermon that leaves out Jesus telling his deciples to sell their coat and buy a sword because he can no longer protect them. The sword was the AR-15 of the day and had nothing to do with spot or hunting.