Thursday, July 12

CHARLESTON, S.C - Rash of Church Burglaries

From: SFGate

{CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Berkeley County sheriff's deputies are investigating a rash of burglaries that have taken place as worshippers attended Sunday church services.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports bandits broke windows and stole purses and other items from cars in parking lots of three area churches Sunday.}

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Note: Does your church have anyone responsible for checking your parking lots during your church service? Security Teams, Ushers, Parking Crews and Greeters are good options to accomplish this goal. Random patrols of the parking lot can help prevent break-in's, as well as, keeps down other problems like advertisers placing flyers on car windows during the service. 

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  1. As we talk with pastors, church staff, facility managers and others, regarding their church or synagogue safety security plans and programs, we find that very few have an actual plan or Teams.

    The first priority is to recognize that they need a plan, both for natural events or disasters, as well as for events like these, disruptions to their services and even possible attacks on persons, property and vehicles there.

    Sadly, there is not enough done and some who have volunteers or staff in the parking lot as Greeters or Parking Lot Attendants, don't keep someone in the lot after the services do start.

    On two occasions at one large church, which has folks in the lots in reflective safety vests but not really trained in what to do, they don't seem to be the "eyes and ears" to alert, detect and deter problems or suspicious persons there.

    On the two times we noticed folks arrive, they were there for services, just a bit late, and the Greeters in the lot as well as on the doors had gone in to services. IF someone had not been coming in late themselves, they might have just left as they didn't know how to enter the building. This is certainly not what they want or what the pastor, staff & church members want.

    A good Plan, with Teams to implement it and trained plus practiced on how to respond or act, is one of the most important things most needed.

    The Bible calls the pastor the Good Shepherd who is to protect and provide for the flock. This lack of a good Plan, Teams & Practice is not the way to be prepared for an event that will occur.