Wednesday, June 20

TravelCell - Mission Trip Cell Phone Rentals

Last year my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe. We decided to rent a travel cell phone to allow us to make local phone calls while in country. We were also glad to have the phone in case of an emergency. After lots of research I decided to use a company called TravelCell. TravelCell offered the most competitive rates and even included free incoming calls. The free incoming calls were an extra benefit that allowed family back in the United States to be able to stay in touch at a low cost.

One of my readers is traveling to Europe next week and asked about contacts for cell phone rentals. I was able to contact TravelCell and set up a special program for Security at Church readers.

How and why can this benefit you?

Churches and religious organizations are often sending members on mission trips to other countries. Using a rental cell phone can dramatically save money over using US based personal cell phones with high roaming charges. Satellite phones are also available when traveling to remote locations such as parts of Africa or other third world locations.

With TravelCell you receive the following Advantages:

• Free incoming calls in many countries
• Bluetooth & camera phones
• Toll free service & local U.S. numbers available
• Receive phone and number prior to departure
• Low rates & great service
• Corporate & group discounts
• Nationwide delivery
• 24/7 customer service

TravelCell Products:

• International cell phone rentals
• Satellite phone rentals
• Blackberry rentals
• SIM card rentals (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.)
• USB Air-cards for laptops
• GPS Rentals
• MiFi – Personal Hotspot

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