Monday, May 21

Detroit: 3 Charged in Carjacking of Pastor

From: Fox News

{Three young men were arraigned Sunday in the assault and carjacking of popular Detroit pastor and gospel singing icon Marvin Winans.

The office of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy identified the suspects as Detroit residents Montoya Givens and Christopher Moorehead, both 20, and Brian K. Young, 18, of Macomb County's Clinton Township. They are charged with carjacking, unarmed robbery and conspiracy, said Maria Miller, Worthy's spokeswoman.}

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Saturday, May 5

Wall Street Journal : Religious Sites are Worst for Malware

Note: Jeff Hawkins has this posted and I thought I would pass this along. Information Technology Security should be included when thinking about church security. This is an area that I am weak in; however, I am trying to become more aware of the current threats that exist.

From: The Wall Street Journal

{The most harmful websites in terms of risk from malware infection aren’t, as you might imagine, pornography, but rather religious sites, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report.

The average number of threats found on religious sites was 115 (mostly fake antivirus software). By contrast, pornographic sites had less than a quarter, at around 25 threats per site. Of course, the number of pornographic sites is vastly greater than religious sites.}

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Priest Shot at Maryland Church on Life Support to Donate Organs

From: The Washington Post

{ELLICOTT CITY, Md. — A Maryland Episcopal church where a disgruntled gunman opened fire says a priest who was critically wounded remains in critical condition but is not expected to survive.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church released a statement Saturday saying the Rev. Mary-Marguerite Kohn, co-rector of the parish, is on life support to assist her family’s intentions to donate her organs.}

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Thursday, May 3

3rd Person Found Dead in Maryland Church Shooting

From: CBS News

{ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WJZ)– Howard County police have found a man dead in the woods near an Ellicott City church where two women were found shot Thursday evening.

Police say the man had a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that the gun was found near his body.}

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Fox News Coverage Video: Church Shooting Maryland

Video from Maryland Church Shooting

Thursday: Maryland Church Shooting: 2 DEAD!

From: The Baltimore Sun

{Howard County police are investigating three shootings — two of them fatal — that occurred Thursday evening in and around St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Ellicott City.

Two women were found shot in an office at the church; one was dead and one critically injured. Police also found a man dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the woods near the church. There was a gun nearby.}

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San Francisco Police Clear Occupied Church Building

From: The San Francisco Chronicle

{San Francisco police and sheriff's officers arrested 26 people early Wednesday when they cleared out a vacant building that Occupy protesters had claimed as their own the day before...

Several hundred protesters marched to Turk Street on Tuesday afternoon, scaled a chain-link fence and swarmed into the building, which is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. They said they intended to turn the building into a homeless shelter.}

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Wednesday, May 2

Church Security Training: San Diego

From: 10 News

{SAN DIEGO -- Numerous churches across the country and in San Diego County have been hit by crime in recent months and now one local group is teaching religious groups how to protect themselves...

Luis Rudisell, who is with Sheepdog Ministries, said, "These things are real. They are occurring every day. It's important to understand that evil knows no boundaries, and what better place to attack than a house of worship."}

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Pipe bomb found in grounds of Presbyterian Church

From: BBC News

{A pipe bomb discovered in the grounds of a north Belfast church could have caused injury or death, the police have said.

The device, found at Ballysillan Presbyterian Church, sparked a security alert on Wednesday.}

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Note: This event took place in Ireland; however, got have easily occurred within the United States. It is important for your church to have a plan for how they would react to a similar situation. 

Pipe Bomb: Possible Connection to Church of God in Christ

Note: This is a week old. It got stuck in my draft folder.

From : WoodTV

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (WOOD) - The FBI is among the agencies investigating a pipe bomb that exploded at the office of an apartment complex in Benton Harbor on Wednesday night. Just before midnight, Benton Harbor police found what appeared to be fragments of a pipe bomb near the office window of the Cogic Village Apartments at 1914 Territorial Road... Police said the apartment is owned by the Church Of God In Christ. Authorities are not yet sure if this explosion was aimed at that organization.

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