Monday, April 23

Think About It: What Does a Church Security agent look like?

What Does a Church Security agent look like?

I have been blessed by being able to travel to many states meeting many church security teams from multiple denominations. I’ve seen big churches with small teams and small churches with big teams.

What always interests me is to see the many backgrounds of folks who serve in this capacity. Of course there are often those with some sort of law enforcement or military experiences, but I know many churches that have none from such resource pools available, or too few to make a whole team. Those churches have creative service from folks with backgrounds in the construction trades, building services, real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, airlines and automotive services, and other trades of all types.

One of the most effective security directors I know is a man in California who is a former convict. He is now on the pastoral staff of an evangelical church, with a heart of protection. He wouldn’t pass muster or clear a background for most security teams, and he can never own a firearm. But if I were to have my own dream-team of agents, he would be on that team. The LAPD obviously feels the same way as he works with their gang unit as they try together to turn young kids’ lives.

Think About It…

  • All protectors have one thing in common -- that heart for protection.
  • Most protectors have another thing in common. The overwhelming majority have children of their own. There is no experience like that of having children to awaken the protective nature in an adult.
  • Those who know me well know I have tremendous respect for law enforcement and military – I come from a family of both. But I will not tolerate any in those fields who feel they have an exclusive in protection abilities. Officers who work well with civilian service used to be rare. There are still a few from that old school (I’ve met some), but most recognize there is nothing like a dedicated person with a heart of protection to keep congregations safe.
  • If you have a heart for protection, and a desire to serve please do not let a lack of official training stop you from pursuing an appointment as a church security agent. Some of the greatest stories came from people who were thrust into a role they had no background in. Ronald Reagan was criticized for being an actor when he got into politics, and none of Christ’s disciples came through seminary.
  • If you are a law enforcement officer or military qualified agent running a team, please don’t overlook the heart of passion for others who wish to serve. If they can listen and follow the can be a great asset to your team. 

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