Sunday, April 8

Mars Hill Church Vandalized Easter Weekend

Church officials sent KOMO News this statement following the incident:

"This morning between 7am and 9am the front door of the Mars Hill U-District Church was tagged with hateful remarks claiming that Mars Hill hates women. We're saddened that someone has chosen to voice their opinions through criminal activity. Nevertheless, we are excited to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and invite everyone to come celebrate with us at one of our 11 locations in the Seattle area. I'd also like to say we love women as sisters in Christ, including the many deacons who serve as leaders at Mars Hill."

-Justin Dean
Community Relations Director
Mars Hill Church    
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My Thoughts: What would your church do in a similar incident? Do you have a plan in place for how you will interact with the local community or press when accused of doing wrong? 

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  1. Its really sad to see such a wasteful activity in such an anonymous way by criminals who take their opportunity to disgrace & damage without knowing the good that the church does for it's community.

    Hopefully community outrage and maybe a Tip Line like we have here in Hampton Roads VA, 1 800 lockuup will get callers to give info to Police.