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Church Security Job Opportunity - Detroit Metro

From: Monster

Church Chief Security Officer - Detroit Metro - Triumph Church
Job Purpose: To supervise, plan, organize and coordinate security staff to ensure the safety for people and property of Triumph Church.

        Oversee the continuous monitoring and protection of facilities, personnel and information systems.  Evaluate suspected security breaches and recommend corrective actions.
        Serve as a general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and rule of infractions.
        Detect suspicious activities
        Watch for criminal acts or rule infractions at or near given post which may be a threat to the facility, clients, members, or employees.
        Supervise the activities of security team.
        Develop, present, and implement approved policies, standards and guidelines related to church security to direct report.
        Serve as the church focal point for security incident response planning and execution.
        Assist in the development of appropriate criteria needed to assess the level of new/existing technology infrastructure elements for compliance with church security standards.
        Arrange security team work schedules in order to maintain order as well as protect the staff, people and property of Triumph Church.
        Evaluate changes to church environment for security impact and present findings to direct report.
        Observe workers in performance of duties to evaluate efficiency and to detect and correct inefficient work practices.
        Conducts investigations and prepares detailed reports concerning matters investigated.
         Expected to attend assigned staff meetings, give and receive information; participate in problem solving; provide recommendations for policy changes and program development to direct report.
         Consistently working to meet the mission and core values of Triumph Church with enthusiasm and a spirit of cooperation. 
         Responsible for performing any other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor’s degree required and/or related 5-10 years of working experience.
·         In-depth knowledge of security operations, policies, and procedures
·         Law enforcement, corporate security, military, or government agencyexperience preferred
·         Some Tactical Training
·         Demonstrated ability to develop and implement information security policies, procedures, standards, and practices.
·         Implementation experience with security technologies and architecture, including encryption, network security, firewall configuration, intrusion detection, data loss prevention and application security.
·         Professional demeanor and appearance
·         Basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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