Sunday, March 4

Guns in Church - Final Thoughts...

I hope you found last weeks post on guns in churches helpful. I tried to solicit some of the best people I know to comment on the topic. We were given prospective from former and current law enforcement officers, church elders, NRA members, CCW holders, fire and rescue chiefs, paramedics, a professional gun magazine author and more. We also received input from an individual who has been involved in a church shooting. I tried to get people to comment that were also from different parts of the country. We accomplished this with prospective from the North, South, Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West…

There will never be a time that everyone will agree on this issue; however, I hope that seeing these different perspectives will be helpful in planning for your church environment. I do not think that there is one universal answer for all churches. The right choice for your church will be based on multiple factors to include location, size, membership and more. I think this weeks posts can serve as a good reference tool for churches when approaching and researching this subject.

Please feel free to continue to send in your comments. 

Thanks for helping share this information with others.

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