Saturday, February 25

Questions and Answers Related to Church Security

Over the next week, I plan on posting multiple pieces of information from different sources that will address parts of the below concerns. I recently had a reader write in to me asking the below questions.

Please keep in mind that we will not always agree with the other persons opinions. Even within the professional security community we have different ways of doing things! What we can do is learn from others experiences and thoughts. 

I encourage you to comment on the below information and upcoming posts. If you disagree with a point of view, please explain how you would do things differently rather than just comment on the other person being wrong. Happy reading :-)

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Below is a portion of an email that I received:

"I'm most interested in how to respond to an active shooter, especially a terrorist who is bent on maximum casualties. While classes on other security issues are helpful, this is what I'm most interested in seeing for lay person CCW permit holders."

1. A recommendation on particular programs that includes at least some basic tactical firearms training for church environments.

2. Class should also include discussion of legal and insurance issues.

3. A discussion of ammunition choices. (Example: Frangible to avoid ricochet and over penetration problems)

4. How to respond to a shooter who may be wearing body armor, and how to know he may be wearing it.

5. The earliest possible detection of a possible shooter and how to rapidly make other members of the security team aware of it.

6. How to prevent being mistaken as a bad guy and being shot by the police when they arrive on the scene.

7. What to do in the aftermath, esp. about the shooter himself (is he really down, should you approach him, etc.)

8. Watching out for multiple shooters, including ones who may be waiting outside for people who try to escape out doors.

9. Anything else you think may be relevant.

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