Saturday, January 14

Church Sign - Beyonce Had Her Baby

From: The Pilot

{Even a small Baptist church on a country road in Moore County can be a victim of the viral Internet.

A photo purporting to show Beulah Hill Baptist Church’s sign on the entertainment website TMZ sparked a flood of calls.

In the picture — beneath Pastor Curtis Barbery’s name and times for Sunday School and worship services — it looks as if somebody put up one of the messages frequently used on such signs. It capitalized on wide interest in the birth of singer Beyonce Knowles’ and rapper Jay-Z’s baby.

“Beyonce Had Her Baby, Satan Is on Earth,” it proclaimed in capital letters.}

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Photo from TMZ... (Internet Scam)

Photo from The Pilot (Real Sign)

My Thoughts: Church security is needed in all types and forms. It seems that someone took a random picture from the internet and added a little photoshop. The picture went viral on the internet and the church was left with the aftermath. What would your congregation do if this happened to you?

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