Friday, January 13

Church Institutes New Rules After Volunteer Arrested - Child Molestation

From: The Arizona Republic

{A few hundred concerned parents gathered Wednesday night after a Valley church youth volunteer was arrested on suspicion of child molestation.

The meeting at Highlands Church in Scottsdale was a way for parents to get details about the accusations directly from the detectives working on the case as well as to ask questions...

Now all volunteers - even parents - will be the subject of background checks. Previously, the church conducted checks only on volunteers who worked with children younger than sixth grade.}

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My Thoughts: As you read this article you will notice that the volunteer did not have a prior record. This means that the background check would not have produced a result. Regardless of this, I think that the church is making a good decision to change their policy. 

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  1. Don't you think they should find a policy that would prevent this from happening again. At least closing the barn door after the horse left will stop the next horse from escaping. They need to find a policy that if in place, would have prevented this attack. Everything else is just blowing smoke.