Saturday, January 7

Church Crime Spree - Tampa Bay

From: Tampa Bay Times

{SPRING HILL — Just a week into the new year, Hernando County is already facing a crime spree — and some of the area's most benevolent organizations are the victims.

Thieves have stolen copper tubing from well more than 20 air-conditioning units, and among their targets, the criminals have raided three churches and a Veterans of Foreign Wars post.}

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My Thoughts: If have you been following this website for even a short period of time you will notice that crimes like this are common occurrences for churches across the country. Criminals can make quick cash from construction material used in items like air conditioners, heaters, electrical wiring and alike. A well lit exterior and security cameras are your best protection against this type of crime. 


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  2. Churches and other establishments should install high quality security devices like cameras to ensure the safety of the place. This will also increase awareness among thieves and criminals. CCTV Bristol

  3. Great article adding security is very essential especially if you want to be safe.