Thursday, December 1

Brad Barker - Halo Corporation

I wanted to say thank you to Brad Barker from the Halo Corporation for the endorsement. If you have not had a chance to watch an episode of "Kidnap and Rescue" featured on the Discovery Channel, I highly recommend it. 

Brad Barker
-President Halo Corporation, Kidnap and Rescue - Discovery Channel

“It is not in question that we have sensitive infrastructures here in the US. Security professionals across the country respectfully debate critical targets and how they might rank in vulnerability in the eyes of those that plan to do us harm. Whether it is a communications or power hub, a government or corporate complex or even a school, these facilities are high on the list.

Brian Gallagher is one of the US Federal Government’s best and brightest on the topic of protecting US assets both here and abroad and he brings the focus of all of his experience to the subject of houses of worship. He is able to bring this very complex vulnerability down to a level where it can be applied by security professionals and private citizens, alike.”

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  1. Security is a top concern when it comes to sensitive infrastructures. There has to be a proper construction.