Saturday, December 10

Holiday Shopping - Amazon

There are only 15 days left till Christmas. If your house is anything like mine (your wives) are busy doing all of the holiday shopping for the family. One way to support this holiday season is to complete your holiday shopping on Amazon. By clicking through a Amazon link anywhere on this website will receive support through your purchases. This includes all items not just the ones listed in our store...

Thank you for supporting this website and Happy Holidays!!

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Friday, December 9

Police Looking for Church Donations Thief - Boise


{Boise Police are searching for the young man who walked into a Northview Street church and walked out with the church's donations.

Early Sunday evening, church officials told officers the theft occurred about 1:00 p.m. that day. Investigating officers say it appears the donation box was ripped off the wall from inside the church, money taken from envelopes, and the box left in the trash can of the church's men's restroom, said BPD spokeswoman Lynn Hightower.}

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My Thoughts: How does your church secure its donations? Check out our store link to see items that can help!

Thursday, December 8

Baby Monitor as Surveillance Device!!

From: CBS News

{CARMICHAEL , Calif. - With the help of a simple baby monitor usually used to alert parents to a crying infant, members of a Northern California church managed to nab two suspected thieves who returned for a third straight night.

Baby monitor as surveillance device. Why didn't you think of that?}

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Wednesday, December 7

Man charged in Sex Assault of Girls from Church

From: ABC Action News

{December 6, 2011 (WPVI) -- A Philadelphia man has been charged with rape in connection with a series of assaults on girls from his church.

Courtney Wilson, 56, is in custody and charged with multiple counts of rape and related crimes. Police say the incidents happened between 1997 and 2005.

Wilson was is a deacon at the Remnant Church of God Seventh Day}

Tuesday, December 6

Chicago Priest, Beaten And Robbed Inside Church

From: Huffington Post

{A veteran Chicago priest was beaten and robbed inside the Far South Side church where he has served as a pastor since 1977.

Rev. Daniel Mallette, pastor emeritus at St. Margaret of Scotland Church, located in the 9800 block of South Throop Street, awoke around 12:30 a.m. in the church's rectory to two male intruders standing over him, demanding he give them money, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The intruders proceeded to beat and rob the Rev. Mallette, 80, when he apparently did not move fast enough to their liking.}

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Monday, December 5

Church Security Confrences

I regularly search the internet and talk with contacts to find out about upcoming church security conferences and events. Unfortunately, in the last couple of years the amount of events has drastically reduced. The primary cause for this is the economy. Churches do not have the extra funds available to put on such an event.

If you are aware (or become aware) of any upcoming events, please let me know so I can post them on the website for others to know about.

Endorsed Local Providers

I am often asked for suggestions for services. I happen to be a big fan of Dave Ramsey. Dave keeps a list of endorsed local providers (ELP) related to the financial industry. I thought it might be helpful to try to do the same for the church security industry. Any ELP that I list will be someone that I recommend based on personal relationship and experience. I hope it helps.

New Endorsed Local Provider/Professional 

Security Systems, Alarms, Camera's
ASG Security (Contact Joe Chornock)

"We are the 11th largest security integration company in the US. We have offices in N & S Carolina, VA, DC Metro, DE, PA, NE and 7 offices in TX"

Sunday, December 4

Carl Chinn - "Think About It" - DLR

Reposted with permission from
In the late 80’s, times were tough for us financially. We struggled to pay bills and keep our five children healthy, fed and clothed. I was making a meager living in the residential construction trade – barely enough to stay above water.
My truck needed a new motor, but the funds were just not there. I pulled into a Walmart on my way to a construction site to get antifreeze for the old truck. I was comparing prices on the antifreeze and saw a young man who appeared to be watching me (you old cops know where this is going). As I made my way back to the front of the store, I noticed that same guy a couple more times.
When I got to my truck, all my tools were gone. I knew then my obvious construction truck, laden with ladders and tools, was a mark when I pulled into the parking lot. A spotter had been sent in to keep tabs on my location as his friends cleaned me out. Our hard times had just taken a turn for the worse.
Another and far worse scenario got my attention this year.
There were many awful stories that came out of the Salon Meritage shooting in Seal Beach, CA on 10/12/2011. David Caouette was pulling into a parking slot to go eat at Patty’s Place, as Scott Dekraai was walking away from the salon where he had just killed 7 innocent people. Witnesses said his gun was carried quite visibly as he calmly walked away.
Then they heard three more shots where Caouette had just parked his black Land Rover. He was the 8th victim of the senseless rampage. Mr. Caouette had no expectation of pulling in for dinner and being faced with a mass shooting. Most people don’t, and they are right most of the time.
But there are examples throughout history (modern and ancient) where observations were critical in prevention of serious calamity.
On the quiet afternoon of September 7th, 1876, a young man by the name of Henry Wheeler was home in Northfield Minnesota taking leave from his medical studies at Michigan University. Sitting under an awning in front of his father’s store across from the bank, he watched three strangers ride into town. He saw them stop at the bank and throw their reins over the hitching posts. But they did not tie the reins. Other similar observations resulted in him and others being ready when the first shots were fired by the bad guys in the bank. When the incident was over, the Jesse James / Cole Younger gang would never ride together again. Common townspeople foiled one of the most notorious gangs in U. S. history, because a college student noticed the reins weren’t tied.
Think About It…
Ø  In law enforcement, medical and security circles dating at least to 2004, “DLR” has been the acronym for “Don’t Look Right”. As security professionals, significant emphasis should be our reminder to ourselves to be constantly watching for DLR’s.

Ø  Our senses – especially our eyes and ears – are the most effective tool we have in our security resources. Use them wisely.

Ø  The general public (like me before my tools were stolen) are simply not ever going to have any significant ability at situational awareness. There will always be a few like young Dr. Wheeler who tap into that awareness occasionally, but for the most part those we watch out for are like the sheep in Col Dave Grossman’s famous On Sheep Wolves and Sheepdogs narrative.

Ø  Watching for DLR’s is counter-intelligence. The bad guys are looking for chinks in the armor, you’re watching for bad guys who are looking for chinks in the armor. But a DLR doesn’t have to be a person or act, it can be a building or environmental issue.

Saturday, December 3

Church Members Install Security Camera's

From: WAFF 48 News

{ELKMONT, AL (WAFF) - Members of a Limestone County church take steps to prevent another burglary.

For the third time in six weeks, someone has broken in to the New Beria Missionary Baptist Church on highway 99 in Elkmont.

Church members spent Tuesday installing security cameras and they weren't the only church hit over the weekend.} 

My Thoughts: This is the first story that I have come across that focus on "Church Members" doing the installation of a security system. I highly recommend getting a professional's help and guidance when installing security systems and camera; however, with the diversity in most churches that "professional" may be sitting right inside of your congregation.

Thursday, December 1

Brad Barker - Halo Corporation

I wanted to say thank you to Brad Barker from the Halo Corporation for the endorsement. If you have not had a chance to watch an episode of "Kidnap and Rescue" featured on the Discovery Channel, I highly recommend it. 

Brad Barker
-President Halo Corporation, Kidnap and Rescue - Discovery Channel

“It is not in question that we have sensitive infrastructures here in the US. Security professionals across the country respectfully debate critical targets and how they might rank in vulnerability in the eyes of those that plan to do us harm. Whether it is a communications or power hub, a government or corporate complex or even a school, these facilities are high on the list.

Brian Gallagher is one of the US Federal Government’s best and brightest on the topic of protecting US assets both here and abroad and he brings the focus of all of his experience to the subject of houses of worship. He is able to bring this very complex vulnerability down to a level where it can be applied by security professionals and private citizens, alike.”