Monday, November 7

Fighting Sexual Abuse in Church

In light of Carl's article that was posted yesterday on "Sexual Abuse in Church" I wanted to take a moment and highlight a few things related to the topic over the next couple of days. 

The first item I want to address is my version of the "Rule of Two". Carl referenced the "Rule of Two" from the Boy Scouts of America Code of Conduct. To the best of my knowledge prior to his article I had never read this Code of Conduct, even though I use to be a Boy Scott... After reading it I thought that the Boy Scouts version had several good principles that can be used when conducting church outings. There are a few items that I think we should add to it when considering our local church.

Whenever you are considering activities with a minor you should always have two adults present at all times. This rule is to both protect the minor as well as the adults. If a second adult is present it may take away the opportunity that someone may have to attempt to conduct inappropriate conversations or actions. This action will serve in protecting the minors. In the event that a minor was to lie about a situation the second adults presence would serve as a witness to what did or did not occur. There are countless documented cases that resulted in a he said, she said scenario. Normally the courts tend to favor the minor unless there is extensive documented evidence that shows the minor to be lying. By setting up the situation in the first place to prevent the claim from even occurring will serve in protecting the adults. 

If possible it is always a good idea to have two adults that are unrelated. I understand that finding volunteers to assist with child care can often be challenging; however, the testimony of two unrelated adults can go a lot further then a husband and wife's testimony. I encourage the same principle when it comes to counting and transporting the churches tithes and offerings. There is more accountability from unrelated individuals. 

Sensitive Times...

Always have two adults of the same sex present during bathroom breaks. Some times this can be accomplished by having regular scheduled bathroom breaks and combining different classes to increase the number of adults present. Avoid situations that can be compromising.

Have two adults present while teaching Sunday school classes or providing child care. 

Have two adults present during sporting events or church outings. 

Have two adults present during drama practices or choir rehearsals. 

Do you have any idea's to add to this list? Please leave a comment and let our readers know your thoughts. 

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