Thursday, November 3

Catholic Church Weighs in on New Gun Laws for Churches

From: Wausau Daily Herald

{For weeks, the Rev. David Rybicki has pondered how his and other churches should handle the new law permitting concealed weapons.

"Reports about where guns would and wouldn't be allowed have been in the news, and I found myself asking, 'What about churches?'" said Rybicki, pastor of the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Wausau.

The law, which allows people with proper permits to carry concealed weapons of all sorts, went into effect Tuesday. Dozens of concealed carry permits are expected to be issued in coming weeks, which has caused Wausau-area religious leaders to consider whether weapons should be allowed to enter sacred spaces.
"I think, in general, the feeling is we wouldn't want people carrying guns in churches," Brice said. "It would be sad if (people) felt they needed to."}

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*** Unfortunately, due to the increase in crime related to places of worship, I think the time has come that people DO feel that they need to carry weapons in church. I agree with "Brice" that this is a sad statement; however, I would differ in his opinion and would say that the time is already here where criminals do not consider churches "sacred places".

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  1. Criminals already carry guns at you church, why not have good people to defend your people? Jesus told his disciples to get swords to defend themselves, why is this different today?