Sunday, October 23

Church Surveillance Video Helps Cops ID Burglar

Last week I posted a link spotlighting a story about a church that was burglarized multiple times. After the first two break-ins  the church purchased surveillance video equipment and had it installed. Shortly after the villain struck again, but this time he was caught on tape. Less then 1 week later we have another story outlining the same thing. I hope these stories will serve in providing recent examples of how security works! Does your church or place of worship have a security system? Does your security system include surveillance cameras?

From: WTAE

{GREENSBURG, Pa. -- A man was seen on surveillance video burglarizing a Greensburg church last week, and police say they've been able to identify him because he was recognized by authorities in neighboring Jeannette.

The Rev. Dale Adams told Channel 4 Action News’ Sheldon Ingram that Life Spring Christian Church has been hit by burglars three times in the past 18 months, with the most recent incident occurring on Friday.}

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  1. I agree. Public places like church and other semi private functions could use security measures to keep their audiences safe. On this case, it is a good story to tell.