Friday, October 21

24 Churches Targeted In Rash of Burglaries

From: The Ledger

{LAKELAND | After being burglarized twice, Believer's Fellowship is taking measures to beef up its security system and it isn't alone.

The church is among 24 in Lakeland that have reported being burglarized from June 11 to Oct. 12. Some, like Believer's Fellowship, were broken into multiple times.
Police said church burglaries have always happened throughout the city, but the 33 burglaries concentrated in North and East Lakeland indicate that a person or group of people are targeting churches.}

There  are two things in this article to draw your attention to. The first is that police indicated that a person or group is targeting churches. The second point is that churches are taking steps to beef up their security. What is your church doing to beef up its security?

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