Thursday, September 8

Who's Reading

We are approaching the second year of this website being operational (Started October 2009). I am happy to report that we are continuing to receive growing support as each month passes.  Traffic to the website is also up 20% from this time last year!

As we have learned from others like Jeffery Hawkins with the Christian Security Network, we need your support to spread our message. In order for this website to grow we need our readers help in spreading the word. 

For many websites funding is required to help advertise and spread their message. Unfortunately, funding has not been available for this website or others like it. I am looking to you to help share with others! Please help us increase the number of readers subscribed to this site. The more supporters we have the better of a job and others like it can do to spread their message to churches across this nation. If you have any sponsor recommendations please feel free to pass on that information to 

If you are reading this message, thank you for your continued support in this effort!

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