Sunday, July 10

Local Police and Your Church


"St. Peters police are starting a sort of neighborhood watch program to help houses of worship deal with crime.

Officer Melissa Doss plans a session July 16 to educate religious leaders on security procedures that could help them prevent theft, violence, embezzlement and other crimes. She said churches and other religious centers often are considered soft targets for criminals."

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More and more local jurisdictions are seeing the need to help local churches cut down crime. A free and easy way to help out your church congregation is to contact your local police department and see if their community outreach office has any programs that can help your church increase their security awareness. Often police departments will be willing to do a free security survey of your facility or offer training to your staff. 

Profession security specialist are always available for a more detailed assessment of your facility; however, your local police department may be a good first place to start!

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