Thursday, June 16

Stealing from Another's Purse at Church

The below article represents one of my personal pet peeves at church. I can't tell you how many times I have observed either women walking into church and placing their purse down to save a seat or in comparison a man placing a bag on a chair that may have valuable items in it such as a laptop computer or cell phone. The common theme is that people are too trusting. This article illustrates that it may not be your long term church friend who is doing the stealing...

Churches need to look at this threat as a reality. Church staff members and volunteers need to encourage church goers not to leave belonging unattended. In todays society many of you can think of another reason not to leave bags unattended. This is a common way for both domestic and international terrorist to delivery explosive and other hazardous devices. It is safe to just have a simple rule... DO NOT LEAVE THINGS UNATTENDED!

Article From ABC 13 (Thanks Josh for the lead)

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Police say there's a woman stealing from purses in the middle of church services all over the Houston area and some people may not even realize they've fallen victim to her.

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