Friday, June 24

New Ohio State Bill Would Allow Guns in Churches

From: Dayton Daily News

"A local lawmaker wants to allow Ohio gun owners to carry guns in colleges, churches, day care centers and government buildings...State Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, is proposing House Bill 256 for the third time and believes it could pass this session with the House back in Republican control. Previously, the bill never passed a committee vote."

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Note: It is important for churches to track this bill regardless of their view point on the issue. If the bill is passed, churches will have to be aware that members and guests may be carrying firearms. This could also be a benefit to your church as a resource for your church security team. 

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  1. News flash for churches; there are already people carrying guns in every church in America. As part of a church security you need a plan to deal with the good guys and the bad guys that carry in church.