Sunday, June 26

NHTSA Warning on the Hazards of 15-Passenger Vans

From: The United States Department of Transportation

"The newly released NHTSA research reinforces the fact that 15-passenger vans have a rollover risk that increases dramatically as the number of occupants increases to full capacity. In fact, the likelihood of a rollover when a van is fully loaded is about five times greater than when the vehicle contains only a driver. While an increased likelihood of rollover is present for other types of fully loaded passenger vehicles, it is most pronounced for 15-passenger vans."

Among the safety recommendations are the following:
  • It is important that 15-passenger vans be operated by trained, experienced drivers.
  • Insist that all occupants wear safety belts at all times. In fact, 76 percent of those who died in 15-passenger van rollovers nationwide in single vehicle crashes from 1990 to 2002 were not buckled up. An unrestrained 15-passenger van occupant involved in a single vehicle crash is about three times as likely to be killed as a restrained occupant.
  • If possible, have passengers and cargo forward of the rear axle and avoid placing any loads on the roof.
  • Check your tires: Excessively worn or improperly inflated tires can lead to a loss-of-control situation and a rollover. At least once a month, check that the vans tires are properly inflated and the tread is not worn down.
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Saturday, June 25

Van Packed With Church Members Crashes, Killing 5

Associated Press: "A van full of church members heading home from a Bible class veered off a northeast Louisiana highway and hit a culvert, killing five people and injuring several others. The van crashed Wednesday night, and the van's driver, Joey McKan, 30, died yesterday from his injuries, making him the fifth victim, said police."

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Friday, June 24

New Ohio State Bill Would Allow Guns in Churches

From: Dayton Daily News

"A local lawmaker wants to allow Ohio gun owners to carry guns in colleges, churches, day care centers and government buildings...State Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, is proposing House Bill 256 for the third time and believes it could pass this session with the House back in Republican control. Previously, the bill never passed a committee vote."

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Note: It is important for churches to track this bill regardless of their view point on the issue. If the bill is passed, churches will have to be aware that members and guests may be carrying firearms. This could also be a benefit to your church as a resource for your church security team. 

Thursday, June 16

Stealing from Another's Purse at Church

The below article represents one of my personal pet peeves at church. I can't tell you how many times I have observed either women walking into church and placing their purse down to save a seat or in comparison a man placing a bag on a chair that may have valuable items in it such as a laptop computer or cell phone. The common theme is that people are too trusting. This article illustrates that it may not be your long term church friend who is doing the stealing...

Churches need to look at this threat as a reality. Church staff members and volunteers need to encourage church goers not to leave belonging unattended. In todays society many of you can think of another reason not to leave bags unattended. This is a common way for both domestic and international terrorist to delivery explosive and other hazardous devices. It is safe to just have a simple rule... DO NOT LEAVE THINGS UNATTENDED!

Article From ABC 13 (Thanks Josh for the lead)

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Police say there's a woman stealing from purses in the middle of church services all over the Houston area and some people may not even realize they've fallen victim to her.

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Tuesday, June 7

Woodbridge, VA - Church Robbed at Gunpoint During Money Collection

Courtesy of Pete Hill, MCB

From: NBC Washington

"While parishioners in the front were worshiping, a pair of men were in the back of the church robbing.

Police said two teenagers robbed the Christ is Lord Ministry in Woodbridge while church was in service on Sunday morning.

According to Prince William police, Stephen Ernest Wing Jr., 19, of Dumfries, and Andrew Phillip Conteh, 18, of Lorton, conspired together to steal the collection. They snuck in through a back door, prosecutors said, and entered a back room, where cash that had been collected during the service was being counted."

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A few thoughts....

Does your church have uniformed police or armed security present during their offering or collection?

Does your church count their money behind a closed LOCKED door?

Does your church use a safe and lockable money bag for their collection?

Does your church use the two person rule for accountability of the collection?

Does your church have a security camera system in the church and specifically in the area the money is being collected, counted and stored for accountability reasons?

Does your church do a background check on those serving in ares involving the collection or counting of money?

Helpful Tools...

Check out the "Store" portion of this website for information on money collection bags and storage safes.

Contact IntelliCorp for background check information!

Friday, June 3

Federal Court Bans Churches in Public Schools

From: Fox News

"A federal appeals court has ruled that New York City can ban churches from using public school facilities for Sunday worship services and does not violate free speech.

Thursday's 2-1 decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan overturned a lower court ruling that allowed the Bronx Household of Faith to hold services in a public school.

The justices said that it could unconstitutionally convert schools into state-sponsored Christian churches on weekends.

An attorney representing the church said they would appeal the ruling.

The ruling means that dozens of churches that rent public school buildings in New York City could face eviction by the end of June."

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