Friday, May 20

Pastor's Sunday Sermon Interrupted By Protest

From: KSAT

SAN ANTONIO -- Claiming to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, several demonstrators repeatedly disrupted Pastor John Hagee's Sunday sermon at Cornerstone Church.

Shouting statements like "Genocide does not bring honor to Israel," the demonstrators were removed by church security. The planned disruptions were captured on cell phone video and posted on YouTube.

Video available on website for those viewing this thread with an smartphone

How would your church handle a situation like this? Please let other readers know your thoughts!


  1. Did they get any intel on this before hand? If I had that before the service I would put my crew on high alert especially if one or two are known. In the Bahamas it's an arrestable offence to disrupt a place of worship in which you can be charged. If such a situation occur then I would have charges brought against the persons responsible.

  2. Not sure if any intel was known about this before hand. That is good information about the Bahamas. It would be helpful for there to be more laws like that one in the States.. Thanks for following this blog!