Thursday, May 26

Missing Person - Washington, DC

I received a phone call today from a friend at Capitol Hill Baptist. A staff member from their church went missing on Tuesday. A multi-jusrisdiction search is currently underway trying to find him. Please help us support this effort!

Matt Hill, pictured above, went missing on Tuesday morning after leaving the Verizon Center in his black 1996 Honda Civic with DC plate DT2747. He hasn’t been seen since, nor has his car. There’s a Facebook group (Praying for Matt Hill) going for coordinating the search for Mr. Hill started by his friends. They have opened up cases with MPD and ACPD. If you’ve seen Matt, or his missing car, please let the police or his friends know.

Last Seen Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
Verizon Center– Washington DC
10:30 am

Last seen Driving a
1996 Black Honda Civic LX
Car missing too

**Please contact with any information you might have***

Family Contact: Holger Hill 704-839-9699
DC Metro Office Contact: RW Kennedy- 202-715-7300 (precinct number)
Detective McClam: 202-730-1903
Missing Persons Case # 073-157
Detective in Montgomery County: Rod Stevens


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