Sunday, May 29

CBS Sports - Matt Hill

From CBS Sports
By Matt Snyder

Red Sox setup man Daniel Bard is dealing with an off-field issue right now and he's seeking a little help from anyone who can offer it.

Matt Hill, a childhood friend of Bard's, has gone missing. Hill, 26, grew up with Bard in North Carolina and was one of his groomsmen. Hill was last seen in the Washington D.C. area Tuesday morning. He was mentoring a student at George Washington University as part of a campus outreach ministry program.

Bard said he first became worried when a mutual friend called and asked Bard if Hill might have come to Boston to hang out with Bard for the week. Only it was Thursday morning and the Red Sox were in Detroit.

Bard has been asking fellow major leaguers and all reporters to tweet and retweet information about his friend with hopes that someone will find something to help police in their search. There's a Facebook page, too.

Bard definitely suspects foul play.

"He was one of the most positive, outgoing, happy people I've ever met,'' Bard said. "I'm not just saying that. I think anyone who met him would say that. He loves his job, loves the people he works with. He's not married. There's nothing tying him down, nothing to run from. So that's why this all seems so strange.''

"He's a clean-cut guy," Bard continued (ESPN Boston). "He's never done a drug in his life, so we're 99 percent sure that something external was involved.'' 

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