Monday, May 30

Case Closed - Matt Hill

Courtesy of Mike Allen, Politico

MATT HILL, the campus outreach worker whose disappearance mobilized hundreds of Christians in a remarkable grid search in D.C. and Arlington, was found unharmed yesterday in Asheville, N.C. The FindMattHill Facebook page announced yesterday: “He … left on his own will. We don't have any answers. We praise God he is alive, but ask you continue to pray.” The Facebook page was then deleted, to keep unhelpful comments from circulating.

--A.D.C. police official told the Charlotte Observer that detectives got a lead that Hill was in Asheville, and that police there made contact with him around 4 a.m.: “He just left on his own -- for personal reasons. I guess he just wanted to get away.” Hill is a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, where senior pastor Mark Dever yesterday preached that no matter the outcome, the purpose of trials is God’s glory, which should inspire humility and trust.

--Local television, blogs and network morning shows swarmed the story. The church was media-friendly, allowing reporters access to searchers and friends of Hill. Who thought it wasn’t an interesting story? The Washington Post, which prints four sentences of AP on page B3.

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